Anti-Pot Pinal County Attorney Thanks CBS 5 for Medical Marijuana "Investigation"

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Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles is a fan of fake news.
Rushing to the defense of CBS 5's severely flawed "investigation" of the state's medical-marijuana program is Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles, who wants to add to the disinformation campaign.

In fact, Voyles sent out a press release including a public thank-you note to CBS 5, thanking them for the "investigation" and the station's use of a completely fake statistic.

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We wrote about CBS 5's "investigation" a couple of times last week. To prove that "young, healthy" people are getting medical-marijuana cards in Arizona, "investigative reporter" Morgan Loew tried to see how easy it was to get one (despite his being neither young nor healthy, according to what he told a doctor).

Loew went to a chiropractor, then went to a doctor, complaining to both that he's had back pain for months -- pain he claims is legitimate. The pain was "distracting," he said. He couldn't tell the doctor whether the pain made it difficult for him to concentrate on things but admitted that it limits his ability to run.

He submitted a form to the state health department attesting to the fact that he had "severe and chronic pain." Then, after he got his medical-marijuana card, he claimed it was just a "sore back" and that he never said it was "severe." He then claimed he never lied about it.

In this same "investigation," Loew also presented a completely fake statistic to the public.

"Ninety percent of the certifications are for severe and chronic pain," Loew said in the segment as a dramatic graphic was displayed onscreen. "Not cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, ALS, or any of the other specific illnesses that qualify someone for medical marijuana."

We found that number to be 71.57 percent -- not 90 -- which the Arizona Department of Health Services confirmed for us.

A little less than 20 percent of cardholders have two conditions, which means they do have cancer, or AIDS, or glaucoma, ALS, Crohn's disease, severe muscle spasms, Hepatitis C, Alzheimer's, or any other debilitating disease -- and it's painful.

Bravo, says County Attorney Voyles.

Read his ass-kissing letter below:

Ed Munson
General Manager
4016 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85017

RE: Story, "Medical marijuana going to young, healthy"

Dear General Manager Munson:

I thank you and Morgan Loew for the investigation and reporting of the failures of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program and its apparent criminal consequences.

As stated in the story, qualifying cardholders claiming severe and chronic pain account for 90% of all cardholders and of those applying and receiving cards, 18-30 year-olds represent the largest demographic holding medical marijuana cards and nearly half are under 40-years-old. This represents a significant failure in the Program, which remains in violation of federal laws, as marijuana possesses no federally recognized medicinal use.

Due to KPHO-TV/CBS Ch. 5's airing the story and exposing systematic problems with the Program, the public is more aware of loopholes enabling apparent recreational use of marijuana, a Schedule One substance.

Thank you again and please let me know if I may provide you with information on this matter as the flawed implementation of this federally illegal matter impacts our communities by encouraging marijuana usage with our youth and organized crime on our streets.


Lando Voyles
Pinal County Attorney

CC: Morgan Loew, Investigative Reporter

In April, Voyles sent another misguided anti-pot letter to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, urging county employees to not process licenses for dispensaries or cultivation sites "to eliminate the risk of federal criminal prosecution."

This, despite Voyles being well aware that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona said that "the Department of Justice is focusing its limited resources on significant drug traffickers, not seriously ill individuals and their caregivers who are in compliance with applicable state medical marijuana statutes."

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we will just add your name to the mmj axis of evil list along with kavanah, montgomery and yee and vote you out of office next election!


cronic pain is a qualifying condition and people have to have documentation in order to get a mmj card, so stop the b,s, and get over it!


One of the weird things about this is that at the same time Voyles is making all these noises against the dispensaries, his boss in the Sheriff's Office has installed one of the doyennes of the dispensary industry, Paula Pollock, in a high-level position on his own staff. (They're personal friends; she was basically his beard in the old days, which is enough to secure a top job in the agency. Struggling deputies have to ask themselves what they have to do to snag a $70K+ job in the place. It's obviously not that she has any relevant job skills or experience.) If Voyles has something to say to dispensary operators, he can say it directly the next time he's socializing with Babeu, because lately Pollock and the Sheriff seem to be inseparable.


"Organized Crime"? Like its not that already! Lando is to busy protecting cronies on this issue! I wonder if he has ever smoked b4?


There's no amount of your money that Lando won't spend to make you live how he wants you to live.

Heck, after all it's your money, so why not??

ExpertShot topcommenter

Lando is getting paid to do that by the Mexican Cartels and their employees. 


Dickbag, and a dumb dickbag at that. Wasting our taxes on sending out letters threatening a witchhunt for a program that was voted for by the people.


Prohibition. Yeah, that worked.


so rather than going the medicinal route, people will now need to support the local shady drug dealer and the Mexican cartel.  Great job Lando.


So he's giving a pass to a jerk who admitted felonies on broadcast TV? That's the problem with people these days: no respect for the damned law!

Flyer9753 topcommenter

I wonder how much Booboo had to suck to get this letter written...

Mr Voyles, if your ability for facts is as good as this shows, it's no wonder Pinal County is just as corrupt as Maricopa County, but I guess that should be expected since most of Pinal county officials learned their jobs by kissing Maricopas ass.


freedom of the press is one thing, but they should pay a hearty fine if they're

out lies... maybe it'd bring back some integrity to the field.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

So, Morgie, what Valley doctor is going to believe you the next time you show up in his/her office complaining of back pain? You'll probably be directed to the nearest emergency room. There you can see if you can convince them to give you some pain med but forget about scoring anymore legal weed. Let me warn you also if you pull another stunt like this one, you'll end up being the investigative reporter for the CBS affil in Glendive, Montana.


baboons butt buddy will say anything for his boyfriends cause!

lets get rid of this carpet bagger.he moved here from Maricopa co. just to fuck the good citizens of penal county.lets get rid of him paul baboon and steve miller from the county BOS I voted for that dick!and am sorry I did!!!


I’ve heard that there are people who abuse their own naughty parts! What kind of society would we have if that were legal?!? There would be people doing that when they’re driving! Their cars would be bouncing up and down like those hydraulic hot rods that are driven by our Country's unregistered guests! I don’t want to see people playing with their privates in public places either!  It makes people go blind! I've known lots of blind people and every one of them abused their own naughty parts before they went blind! Then we would have to let people marry their hands for crying out loud! Ooooh, I’m so excited! I asked for my hand in marriage today and it said yes! ’nuff said!


So are there any politicians  in this state that still believe in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights? Those documents are all about an individuals right to self-determination. These people are nothing but a bunch of God-less fascists, who are in bed with the devil. 


The irony, though, is this statement by Voyles, "the public is more aware of loopholes enabling apparent recreational use of marijuana."  Soooooo, if you didn't already know how to get a card, Mr. Loew just gave you tutorial and Mr. Voyles just congratulated Mr. Loew for producing and broadcasting that tutorial.  If this is the anti-pot crowd, they sound like the gang that couldn't shoot straight.


Folks,I like you to meet the future spokesman for the PCAO's,MORGAN LOEW ! Let's give him a great big round of applause everyone !  Could it be that Morgan Loew could soon be following in Lisa Allen's footsteps ?


@teknik Are you kidding me Tek? Journalism anymore is a DEAD degree.  If they don't teach these kids ETHICS in school, do you expect them to learn it by EXAMPLE of other journalists?  Well let's see....

Fast & Furious

Benghazi Attacks

IRS scandal

Media RE-electing Obama and now we're STUCK with the worthless bastard!  The MEDIA CREATED this travesty to begin with!  I've LOST my faith in "Freedom of the Press".  "...When we no longer can trust the MSM, our Republic will CEASE to exist... " (Ben Franklin)


@eric.nelson745 yes, that is what he wants.  People that go to the doctor will now be hooked on vicotin.  People that don't go to the doctor will now support their local drug dealer and the Mexican cartel.

ExpertShot topcommenter

@jetdoc1 @teknik The IRS Scandel?  Those political organizing groups should NOT get a 501(c)4 designation as a "social welfare" organization.  They're not doing a damn thing to help the social welfare, unless you count their businesses which will profit then they get their handpicked congresspeople elected.  The IRS was right to single out these slimeball organizations - they're nothing more than political action committees and should be registered under Section 527 of the IRS Code.  NOT an example of the media not reporting the facts - IT IS a case of them not reporting the OPINIONS you want reported Jetdoc1.

Benghazi?  SO, the very next day the President goes live from the Rose Garden and states that the attack was an "ACT OF TERROR".  He could not directly call it that because of an ongoing investigation - the law states that neither the President, nor anyone else, should interfere with an ongoing goverment investigation - the President characterizing it as a "terrorist" act would be considered interference and then the republicants would be hollering about him calling it a "terrorist" act.  It's all symantics so don't get your panties in a bunch waiting for this to gain traction - Again, you want the media to help you defeat a political enemy by mis-reporting facts.  Ain't gonna happen.

Fast and Furious? - Yeah, this Gunwalking program, started by the Bush Administration, has resulted in numerous convictions of straw buyers that then sell massive amounts of weapons to the Drug Cartels, Terrorists and other criminals in Mexico and other countries.  We have to get rid of this program which DID NOT provide weapons to anyone, but simply observed the transactions already going on, because why?  Oh yeah, it cuts into the weapons industry profits - yup, gots to keep the Military Industrial Complex fed or they'll eat us!  

You people lost the election, the debate about citizenship and numerous other issues, now you want to cheat to get your way.  You know what, just do us all a favor and STFU!



 CONTINUED.....  They don't understand how the President didn't know what it was because THEY were relaying the action back to the State Dept. in REAL TIME to DC.  It took the FBI 38 days before they even got to the compound...  Most of the evidence at the scene had already been picked through by MEDIA as well as other Terror groups BEFORE the FBI even got there.  He didn't WANT any evidence of what happened at the scene. Again, it would've cost him the election. He claimed that they will FIND the guilty party, yet nothing's been done about that.  Even though a Fox News reporter sat down and had a Strawberry Frappe with the bastard, right in the middle of the city of Benghazi.  So I don't wanna hear that shit!  I take people at their WORD!  WORDS mean things and he cleverly uses the English language to mislead us from the truth.  I could go on and on about his INCOMPETENCE in the Benghazi matter, but I think you see where I'm going.

Last but definitely NOT least is "Fast & Furious".  My friend, you CAN'T be THAT STUPID!  Yes, A gunwalking scheme was undertaken under the Bush Administration but NOT Fast & Furious!  ALL of those dealings were TRACKED as each gun was outfitted with a device that located each gun.  EACH gun walked by the Bush Admin. have been accounted for and convictions received. Fast & Furious was conceived and put into motion by US Atty. Dennis Burke and our beloved former Governor and Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano, as well as Eric Holder in an attempt to try to renew an Assault weapons ban.

 You say that there have been NUMEROUS convictions from Fast & Furious?  There's been ONE (1) conviction for "Straw Purchases", and the guy they charged is the one that HELPED them try to catch these buyers.  That ONE (1) person charged as well as numerous other gun dealers went to the ATF/FBI/DEA and TOLD them about these people buying all these guns and were told to let em go...  we've got it covered.  YEAH they did....!!!!  How many guns are you believing are involved in Fast & Furious?  It sounds as if you don't know THAT either...  so you generalize because you CAN'T specify!  You assertion that F&F happened because "Weapons Mfgr. profits were being hit.." is just about the MOST STUPID thing you've said yet!  Gun Mfgrs. profits are at an ALL TIME HIGH under this President.  The American people are AFRAID of him.  Gun purchases since he took office reflect this.  It had NOTHING to do with gun manufacturers profits, but was an ATTEMPT to try to close the loophole in the "Gun Show" law.  It was an EFFORT to impose even MORE strict sanctions upon LEGAL Gun purchasing citizens.  It was also an attempt to make it look as if AZ's gun laws are SO lax that we allow guns to walk across the border!

To go even further to assert that Fast & Furious "DID not supply weapons to anybody..." is flat out WRONG!  Tell that to Mrs. Terry after TWO of those guns were found at the SHOOTING death of Border Patrol officer Brian Terry.  These guns have shown up in ALL KINDS of investigations/murders in Mexico.  Mexican citizens are being KILLED because this dumbass attempted a STUNT to be able to impose stricter gun laws.  Your take on Fast & Furious, however WRONG it is, however IS amusing, because it shows you know nothing of which you speak.

Now let's address your last statement. "Your people lost the election".  Buddy, you don't know SHIT about me!  MY people are the "American People" and when THEY lose, I lose!  It SICKENS me to see what's become of our Republic.


@ExpertShot @jetdoc1 @teknik  WOW!!!  Such a long diatribe to show such ignorance!  You could've shown that in 3 sentences.  You sure are a piece of work aren't you?  First of all, you should learn how to spell SCANDAL and Semantics!  It's people like yourself who are allowing us to go down the road to destruction.  I was just touching on a FEW of the SCANDALS that have confronted this President since 2008.  It's SCARY how many scandals this man has perpetrated upon the American people and people who are UNEDUCATED or just PLAIN STUPID, (such as yourself), that THINK that's the way you're supposed to govern.  A President who hasn't (Constitutionally)  submitted a BUDGET to Congress in 5 yrs now.  No wonder we're running a $1.6 TRILLION budget deficit each year he's been in Office and STILL we've got an Unemployment rate of 7.8%!  That's what it was when he came into office.  So his programs obviously aren't working.

Now I'll address your other IDIOTIC comments! <smh>

The IRS Scandal?  YES the IRS scandal...  there is NOTHING that allows the President to assert the full force of the IRS upon American citizens!  ALL of those "Audits" were brought on because they OPPOSED the views of the President.  Even YOU can see that's not right I'm sure!  I ask you to find in the Constitution where he's given the POWER to do such a thing?  Yes, you'll actually have to READ the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights and while you're at it, read the Federalist Papers and you'll LEARN a lot about what the President CAN and CAN'T do.  You accuse me of being upset that the press doesn't report MY view?  You're so full of shit!  Anyone with a HALF a BRAIN can see that MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC etc... haven't reported the TRUTH on ONE thing in years.  Hence their MASSIVE drop in ratings across the country.  You say that these groups did not meet the criteria of a 501 (C)4.  That they weren't "Social Welfare" groups is YOUR opinion NONE of the groups Audited were found to be doing ANYTHING wrong, they obviously qualified.  But since it doesn't fit YOUR agenda, they don't qualify?  Do you see how fuckin STUPID that sounds?  Especially when many comparable Progressive group applications sailed right through. These groups sure seemed to qualify because they approved of the Presidents actions.  It's a TRAVESTY to our system, NOT to me, to our SYSTEM that he's given soooooooo many passes by the media.  They don't call him on ANYTHING...  UNTIL Fox News FORCES them to.  Then they act like it's CONCOCTED news.  I've NEVER heard one Anchor at Fox or ANYWHERE else,  for that matter that says "...they get a tingle down their leg when they see him...".  Whether said about Bush or Obama or ANY President  As a matter of fact I've never heard anything SO BIASED nor REPULSIVE on ANY other station.

In the end....  he's (BO) been found either negligent or incompetent as well as a LIAR in these investigations that the Lefties keep trying to COVER UP!  You Liberals are like... are you gonna believe ME, or your LYIN EYES!  What he did with the IRS is flat out CRIMINAL!

Now let's move to Benghazi...  The President WENT TO BED while Americans overseas were being MURDERED, AND he sent NO help.  He DID NOT call it an "Act of Terror" and you KNOW it.  You're wanting to play semantics to make your point correct and you can't do that. This President was too busy to send help, yet he went to a FUNDRAISING party with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Pimp with a Limp?  Are you SHITTING me?   What he said in the Rose Garden was generalizing and referring to the DATE of 9/11 and it's significance and symbolism for Terrorists and that "Acts of Terror will not stop the US"....  That's FAR from calling that a "Terrorist Attack".  He never even SAID the words "Terrorist Attack" in that order for 3 weeks AFTER the MURDERS!  He and Hillary spent $50 MILLION to make a video telling Middle Easterners that "...we had NOTHING to do with this video..." that it was some guy in Cali...  Who they THEN decided to bust down his door at 3AM with 30 cops in SWAT gear for a PROBATION violation that didn't amount to anything more than writing bad checks.  He'd missed the previous weeks appointment with his PO.  They JAILED him to appease the Jihadis that never were! That's $50MILLION of taxpayer money to MISLEAD the American public from the truth.  They even referred to this VIDEO IN the Rose Garden, as well as when the DEAD BODIES of 4 Americans returned home and one more time at the UN!  He then sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice on FIVE (5) Sunday morning talk shows claiming it was about this video that caused a Demonstration outside the compound that erupted because of a FEW (a handful) of guys to attack the compound. He was attempting to COVER UP what happened because it would've COST HIM THE ELECTION!  The American public will NOT stand for another Terrorist Attack on the US EVER again!  I don't care WHO the President is.  Especially when he's standing up there shouting "Usama bin Laden is DEAD and GM is ALIVE", then going further and saying that "...Al Qaeda has been DECIMATED and we've got them on the run..." This guy has LIED to the American public left and right since he took office.   Everyone who's been interviewed that was IN Benghazi at the time, say the guy's a COWARD!  They say THEY knew it was a Terrorist attack as it HAPPENED.


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