Man Shoots Ex-Boyfriend at Jamba Juice and Later Shoots Himself at Hospital

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Fifteen minutes later the suspect paced the entrance of the John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital. He jabbered incoherently and a nurse noticed and asked if he needed help. He held out his hand and passed her another suicide note. 

In an examination room, the nurse saw the man wore a gun and holster and calmly left to get security and to call police. As security confronted the man, he held the gun to his head, he threatened to shoot himself, and as the first responding officer showed up, he did. 

"I think the victim in this case did everything the police and system ask of him," Crump says. "He reported to police the incidents and got the court order; prosecution was sought. The victim did everything that we'd ask him to do. 

The victim is expected to survive. The suspect had to be airlifted from John C. Lincoln to another hospital. 

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If this man was called to court for accusations of domestic violence, stalking, threatening, and intimidation, he does not deserve the privilege of gun ownership.  If there was a state or nationwide gun registry, law enforcement could seize this person's weapons while awaiting the outcome of his trial.  This would protect others and himself from the damaging consequences of mental stress that forces some people to turn to violence.  Unfortunately in this situation, this man's suicide note did not seem dangerous even though he had a holstered gun.  (shouldn't guns be banned in hospitals, anyway?)

 Suicide is gaining momentum in this country, and completion with a firearm is one of the most used methods.  In fact, more people died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds than car accidents in 2010.  It is time for gun reform and mental health support in this country to protect innocents and help those suffering to live the best life possible.


Good riddance. He did the right thing to shoot himself.

valleynative topcommenter

@id893  nope.

Treat the cause.  The lack of mental health care and lousy societal attitude toward mental health care.

Why should guns be banned in hospitals?   Because nobody could ever be the victim of a violent crime in a hospital?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  quit trying to avoid things Robert. i asked you a question on numerous blogs and you have done everything you can to avoid answering it. what if i told yo u that I am Michael Marks and want you to remove my name from your list but do not want to chang my vote or opinion on the recall? you said you would remove our names if you were asked. are you telling me i can only escape your persecution if i vote your way and support your candidate? are you telling me you will not remove my name unless i change my vote to what you want? are you telling me i will not be allowed my privacy unless i chang or abandon my beliefs and conform them to your beliefs? that is extortion and a form of voter intimidation and is illegal Robert. you have tried to say it is okay for you to do it just because some Black Panthers did it and because some one else happened to expose your identity. that was not me, so why is it okay for you to hold a vendetta against y andeveryone and break the law because some one else may or may not have broken the law? you are promoting anarchy and chaos Robert, not lawfulness as you claim you are all for. people have shot police and gotten away with it, does that make it okay for everyone to do it also? no, it does not. in your own words you said what the black panthers did was illegal, but then claim its okay for you to do it because people you never met and who never committed crimes against you broke the law. are we all allowed to do whatever we want just so long as someone else has done it before? you are trying to force people to vote how you want them to and you are not only breaking the law by telling them they have to vote your way, but you are  also telling them you will continue to harrass and harangue them until they do. you are refusing to let people have their privacy and are disrupting their lives, beliefs and ethics in order to subvert them and force them to do what you want them to do. explain yourself Robert. when have i ever asked for your personal info? i never have. where do you assume that I am affiliated with the black  panthers? i am not. if you have a problem with those people.....why dont you tell Joe to get off his ass and go after those people. instead you just decide you can break the law and try to extort people or blackmail them into voting your way or abstaining from voting. that is not only illegal Robert, it is un-American

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