Lisa Allen, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Longtime Spokeswoman, Forgets Herself in AZ Republic Letter to Editor

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Lisa Allen wonders in a Saturday letter to the editor why people criticize Sheriff Arpaio's crime sweeps, but not those of Phoenix police. She answered her own question in 2009.
Lisa Allen certainly knows the answer to the question she posed in a letter to the editor published in Saturday's Arizona Republic.

Click here to read Lisa Allen's letter to the editor.

In the letter, the longtime spokeswoman for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio congratulates the Phoenix Police Department for a "job well done" in a recent crime sweep that netted 180 arrests, then notes that the "Arizona Republic and others were quick to criticize" the sheriff's past crime sweeps, "saying the sheriff only does these operations to arrest illegal aliens."

She claims that the Arpaio and PPD sweeps were "no different in application and goal..." then ponders, "So, why does one agency get credit and the other condemnation?"

Yet as a secret recording makes clear, Allen believed in July of 2009 that a crime sweep Arpaio had ordered for the Chandler area at the time would invite criticism, due to rising public discourse and concern about racial profiling.

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The U.S. Department of Justice launched a lawsuit in December 2011 against the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, accusing Arpaio of overseeing systemic discrimination against Hispanics.

Allen made the statements in 2009 to a trusted deputy chief, Frank Munnell, who was recording her surreptitiously.

In the recording, Allen tells Munnell she's tired of the SB1070 issue and how "this racial profiling thing is really ratcheting up" because of some comment made by recalled State Senator Russell Pearce.

Allen notes that there's "all kinds of talk about racial profiling and how it's got to stop ... and we're just walking right into it."

She wonders aloud, "You know what bothers me is, why are we doing this? Why are we going there? Is there a law enforcement reason?"

"Course not," Munnell tells her. He explains that the crime sweep is done for media attention and to "reinforce the sheriff's stance that he'll do what the fuck he wants."

"Oh," Allen says.

"Know what I mean?"


Today we asked Allen if her 2009 statements did not, as they appear to, answer the question she poses in her Saturday letter to the editor.

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It sure looks like JAFFYBOI in His DRAG QUEEN attire.


The headline suggests that Ms. Allen is easily forgotten. Who is she, by the way? I simply don't recall that name.

Ron Pies
Ron Pies

Whoops, that damn electronic thing (recordings) gets in the way of Joke Arpaio's lies. When will these wackos ever learn that everything they say or do is subject to recording, video or audio.

Chris Stuckey
Chris Stuckey

Because they are in the country illegally...


That girl sure does go through a lot of kneepads every year...


It isn't surprising that what the MCSO says in private differs wildly from what they say publicly.  

In fact Joe Arpaio's only reason from his faux crime sweeps is getting media attention.  He has exactly ZERO interest in being a real cop, he's just wants to play one on TV.

WhoKnows topcommenter

My FAVORITE quote by the poodle pruner Lisa Allen is STILL:

"Educated people don't vote for him (Joe)"

She told the truth for once!


Lisa Allen and Frank Munnell are both chicken shit corrupt cunts.


Hey Lisa, maybe the reason is that while your agency is taking bus boys off the streets, PPD took the following off the streets:

Cocaine: 1 pound, 3 grams
Marijuana: 938 pounds
Spice vials: 36
Heroin: 5 pounds
Hash: 50 pounds
Property seized: Scales, syringes, ballistic vests, rocket launcher

A freaking rocket launcher, Lisa.  I know that the Employer Sanctions Raids are politically popular with your boss' base, but common on - even you should be able to tell the difference between the substantive impact of taking actual criminals off the streets and taking off the streets a bunch of folks accused of violating civil immigration law.



Joe's not a real cop, real cops have their AZPOST certification; he's just another fucking politician.


@NWEng I am curious how he even got into office in the first place. He has been in office since I was in diapers, so I literally don't know, but how can someone be elected sheriff and be the one who leads and oversees the officers below him if he was never an officer himself. I would have thought it would have been something similar to how Judges come into their positions- becoming a cop or a lawyer and working their way up. I'm perplexed.

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