Jodi Arias Asks Jury to Spare Her Life So Her Family Isn't Hurt; No Apology to Victim's Family, No Tears

The Arias family.

It's one small thing that could have a far-reaching impact on society.

"I can help other women become literate . . ."

She'll help the other women in prison. Now she's pimping her "survivor" T-shirt.

"Some people may not believe I'm a survivor of domestic violence. They're entitled to their opinion."

(How utterly remorseless!)

11:02 - (Now she's showing pictures from her childhood. We've put some of them in this post...)

Talks about how her little sister, Angela, was born when she was 11.

"I watched Angela come into this world." Doc asked her if she wanted to hold her first.

(Shows a family portrait.

Now a 9th grade picture -- she's got long bangs.

Showing family pictures. Her dad has a hand resting on his leg, seeming very tense. Court watchers are rapt.)

(Shows picture of her ex-boyfriend Matt McCartney.)

"Daryl and I began seeing each other a little over a year after that."

(Shows picture of her and Daryl. Another picture of her and Daryl at Kurk Creek.)

image: Court pool camera
Jodi Arias and her father.

(Two jury members have hands at their faces. Lots of tight lips, closed mouths. One man is chewing gum slowly as he watches the pictures and listen to Arias talk about her family.)

(Arias' voice wavers at times, but she's fairly calm. Going through this quickly, no doubt from nervousness.)

"I won't be at my sister's wedding."

"I won't be her wedding photographer, like we always talked about."

Same true for my brother.

"I have no one to blame but myself."

Says she hasn't met her newborn niece.

"I'm not going to become a mother because of the terrible choices I've made."

Shows illustrations she's drawn.

"From now on, this is how my family is going to spend the holidays with me." (Just her picture as a stand-in for her.)

"With the amount of attention my case received early on, I felt it was necessary to speak out."

"I lied about what I did, and I lied about the nature of my relationship with Travis."

She didn't want to "drag out his skeletons."

She didn't intend to smear Travis' name.

"I love Travis and I looked up to him."

"This is the worst mistake of my life. This is the worst thing I've ever done."

"To this day, I can hardly believe I was capable of such violence. But I was."

"I was horrified at what I've done. And I'm horrified still."

Her family members' hopes were dashed with the guilty verdict.

Mom said she cried, Jodi knows she caused that pain.

Jodi concedes Alexander's family has a much greater loss.

"I've made many public statements that I prefer the death penalty to life in prison."

"As I stand here now, I can't in good conscious ask you to sentence me to death." It's like suicide, she says.

"If it's shortened, the people who it will hurt the most are my family."

Asks the jury not to do that. She's already hurt too many people.

"Thank you."

(No apology, no clearing of the "fog.")

Jury exits.

11:24 - Jury comes back in. Next up come the closing arguments of the mitigation or penalty phase.

Judge Stephens reads jury instructions for this phase, telling jury they'll determine whether Arias gets death penalty or life in prison.

11:39 - Judge excuses court for lunch recess.

That's it for this blog post. We'll do a separate one if the jury returns its decision today.

UPDATE: Jury begins deliberation on sentence.

Jodi Arias, ninth grade.

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