Jodi Arias Jury Begins Deliberation on Sentence; Arias Attorney Tells Jury to "Find Mercy"

image: Court pool camera
Jodi Arias and one of her lawyers, Jennifer Willmott, pleaded to the jury today to spare Arias' life.
Jury members in the Jodi Arias trial have begun deliberating whether to sentence the cold-blooded killer to execution.

The jury was dismissed just after 3 p.m. to begin their decision-making. With nearly five months of their lives invested in this trial, jury members probably can't wait to finish up. It's possible their decision could be reached and announced this afternoon. The same jury took only a bit more than an hour last week to decide that Arias deserved the death penalty.

Arias' appeal to the jury to spare her life probably didn't stir any great sympathy for this throat-slasher. (See our article from earlier today with quotes from her statement.) She didn't sob, didn't 'fess up to the fact that she planned the killing days, at the minimum, before she carried it out. She admitted to another lie, essentially, by reversing earlier statements about wanting the death penalty.

Indeed, her statement might have had the opposite effect: The jury may be even more likely to vote for a death sentence, now that they know she still's covering up what really happened and considers herself a victim of domestic violence.

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Following a half-hour or so of prosecutor Juan Martinez explaining why the jury should make the "hard" decision and vote to kill Arias, attorney Jennifer Willmott took her turn to make the last-ditch argument.

"The question is now: Do you kill her," Willmott began.

As Arias watched without much expression, her mom, dad and sister behind her in the galley, Willmott told jury members they should consider Arias' young age, lack of criminal history and artistic talent when deciding whether to let her live.

"She can provide some type of value to this world," Willmott said.

Arias did an "awful, awful thing," she said, reminding the jury that they convicted Arias for first-degree murder.

"Do you kill her for the one act that she did -- the one, horrible act? Or can you see that there is reason to let her live? Can you see that there is still value in her life?" Willmott went on. "We are asking you to find mercy. Asking you to give her life in prison."

The same sentiment was expressed today by Jodi Arias in her statement when she admitted that killing Alexander was the worst thing she'd ever done in her life.

It was just that one thing, they argue -- it's not like she stabs, shoots and slashes people every day.

But really, once is enough.

We'll let you know when the jury comes back with the news.

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Watching the liberties that seemingly all media have allowed themselves in the reportage of this case I am no longer disgusted with Ms. Arias as much as concerned, with all my personal red flags blaring at me, that the media coverage reeks.   Haven't quite figured it out yet, but am thinking of all the concepts I once scorned as ridiculous - the idea that someone could "black-out" from alchohol or emotional stress; the idea that someone could have attention deficit so bad that a life of petty crime was inevitable;  the idea of multiple personalities;  . . . now I have learned that these type things, although outside my personal experience, are possible and even true.  

Today she framed her plea with claiming prior ignorance to life and opportunities in prison.   She said that now that she knows more about prison life she sees a future for herself there.  She really made an effort not to be labeled "liar" yet again but every synopsis of her presentation chooses to ignore this - (that I heard/saw.)  

Then there's a large population of people who would like to be able to take those classes and have time to do their "art" and they can afford neither the $ or the time and just get mad that a criminal will be able to do those things when their hardworking selves can't.  So they have to choose death for this population to believe there was justice.


@sarum I have learned that even women who consider themselves to be feminist can still be horribly sexist against other women.  The victim was also a liar as evidenced by his religion/sexuality conflicts.  Ye olde double standard wink wink good ole boys will be boys has been applied here.  Men have needs.  Women are manipulative cheap sluts.  

Taking the feminist application further, the fact that this petite woman could successfully inflict this damage on a physically fit young male is highly threatening and male society needs to put her in her place at all costs.  Feminists go along with it due to the lying & slut factor.  The ones who could explain it better than myself are the ones who believe that all men secretly desire to kill all women - the feminist separatists - who haven't been heard from in decades.   They have some valid POV.

 Recently articles have been written trying to show us how we accept lying as part of socially cohesive behaviors.   For those of us who prefer to not even accept that form of lying we are especially vulnerable to making easy condemnation of chronic liars or those who appear to be chronic liars.  We must remember to allow people a chance to learn and grow rather than automatically call them liars because they changed their POV due to new information, devoting more thought or change of heart.  People are living growing changing entities and for some reason other people like to forget that if and when they have painted a target on the individual.  Jodi has played into that so easily - she has appeared to have been both very smart and unbelievably dumb intermittently - very strange - indicating to me that she is bright and sensitive but not wrapped too tight - needs further examination for me at least.  

These chronic liars, people who do it every chance they get - I really want to know what is going on there?  I have someone close to me who will lie - it is very painful to love someone like that, it is painful to be unable to count on or trust someone you love because they have this issue.   I would never allow a known chronic liar into my life intentionally but when it is your flesh and blood you don't really have a choice except to cut them off if they hurt you too bad because nothing we have said or done has resulted in a positive change of behavior.   Why would Jodi continue to lie when she knows  the world is watching and she knows the lying behavior has only made problems for her?  She can't help herself?  She is that reality challenged?  She doesn't even recognize she is lying?  She is ambivalent -  twitching between suicidal self-sabotage while at the same time fighting for her life?  Multiple personalities?

Sure she disgusts me.  Oh she designed a shirt?  Really?  The concept is old.  Nothing new about the lettering.  Victims are usual serial victims so who really wants to go around wearing a "Survivor" shirt?   Isn't that kind of like putting out a wanted sign for the next predator?   Maybe I could wear it as a sleep shirt - sweet dreams of victimhood?  Her art?  Bleh.   Do I want her to teach me Spanish?  But even so, I still feel that despite we have spent a disgusting amount of money on her and this trial - we have erred.  I surely do not want this to go on forever on appeal but we HAVE erred.   I'm just reaching for the how.

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