Judge Bans Sheriff's Office From Setting Up Media Interviews With Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias, on the Myspace.
It looks like the local Fox affiliate's weak interview with Jodi Arias is the only interview with her anyone's going to get in the immediate future.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office sent a brief to the news media this afternoon saying that the agency received an order from Judge Sherry Stephens that "prohibits Sheriff's Office officials from approaching defendant Jodi Arias for the purposes of media interview requests."

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The MCSO didn't pass along any reason, or perceived reason, behind the order, but her only jailhouse interview is the one where she was acting all suicide-ish, saying that "death is the ultimate freedom."

Arias, the convicted murder/drama queen, was just taken off "suicide protocol" Monday and sent back to Estrella Jail, where she's housed solo in a cell.

MCSO says the agency will start hooking up media and Arias, if Arias agrees, as soon as the order's lifted.

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About time the judge put the MCSO circus promotion team in check ~ making a mockery of the criminal justice system on such a serious criminal case that demeans the very spirit that protects citizens from people that abuse systems out there for their own gain and good promoting self interests and in this case her vanity and criminality of behaviors that she intends to make money from in the future through a laundering scheme that will be facilitated by her attorneys and made possible by the lax operational systems put into place by MCSO and the Sheriff. Attorney General and County Attorney beware,, JA will play you a fool as she pads her inmate account books with money made by your ignorance of her ability to con you out of your control and giving it all to her...... incarcerated or not, she will play you as fools. The record shows she has been successful doing it and she won't stop. Stop giving her the tools to make her plans to be financial solvent become a reality show.


Good she does not deserve any attention, sick of seeing her face. Lock her up.Do not let her make any money of her crime.Do not want to see her face, she not the only person who has not had the perfect childhood.She is not the only Women, who  has been with a Man and been dumped.That does not give her any right to do what we all new she had done.RIP Travis Prayers to the family and friends. 


jaffy is in rare form i see, somebody please pop in a new tape, he bores me.....


Good.  We have spent enough time and money on her.  


Just fry the cunt and be done with it. Who gives a flying fuck.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Dontcha suppose that publicty whore Joe Arpaio wanted to be featured in these "interviews?"


Next the New Times should be banned with interviews with MCSO.

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol of course they will hook her up with the media..joe has to get his face time in too! 

Flyer9753 topcommenter


WOW, you must really be worried about the bad press that the New Times is giving Joe and MCSO if you are worried enough to suggest censoring of the press without cause and violations of the First Amendment

What's the matter Robert? I thought Joe never did anything wrong, so what's he got to worry about???

WhoKnows topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan Because Joke fills his Depends each time he is asked real questions?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@david_saint01 there was probably no order given....Joe is just jealous that Jodi is getting more air time than him (and from Fox none the less.....that has to really chap his hide)


@danzigsdaddyAs I recall, the statement that MCSO put out when she was put on suicide watch was: "according to MCSO, "in light of some of her statements during the interview, Arias was brought to jail and per Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was placed on suicide protocol." http://www.kpho.com/story/22200427/mcso-arias-placed-on-suicide-watch

So, he's already started trying to weasel his way into this for some media time.

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