Jodi Arias Could be Executed in Just Four Years -- If Her Wish for Death Isn't Another Lie

Debra Milke has been on death row since 1990, though she may soon be released from prison because her conviction was overturned in March.

Alexander's decomposing body was found several days after the June 4, 2008, murder. Arias, an ex-girlfriend whom Alexander and his friends considered a stalker, quickly fell under suspicion.

She had attended his memorial service and even written his grandmother a letter to express sorrow about Alexander's death. She told police she had nothing to do with the murder and hadn't been to Arizona in weeks. Technicians with the Mesa Police Department recovered pictures in Alexander's camera and DNA evidence that proved she was lying.

Confronted with the evidence after her arrest, Arias came up with a phony story about two masked intruders coming into Alexander's home, shooting him, then threatening her family if she ever told anyone. Arias related the bogus account of the slaying in TV interviews, claiming that a jury would never convict her. She finally ditched the story and replaced it with her failed self-defense claim.

The same jury of eight men and four women that convicted her now is tasked with writing the final chapter of the Arias saga. All 12 jurors must agree on at least one aggravating factor, according to state law.

Juan Martinez, the bombastic, now-internationally popular deputy county attorney responsible for securing Arias' conviction, will use evidence he's already presented at trial to make his case for "heinous, cruel, and depraved manner" as an aggravating factor.

The jury can decide that the state hasn't proved the aggravating factor, in which case the judge will sentence Arias to natural life, meaning she'll die in prison. If jury members can't agree on at least one factor, a new jury will be impaneled to make the decision.

If jurors agree with Martinez, the trial moves to the penalty phase. This is where Arias hopes to convince jurors that she doesn't deserve execution. McDonald says Arias' defense team will "throw everything at the wall" in an attempt to persuade jurors to spare her life.

But in the Channel 10 interview, Arias said one of her lawyers, Kirk Nurmi, told her she has no mitigating factors: "Um, nothing that is what you typically see in a case like this, such as a childhood where there [were] drugs, alcoholism, [or] molestation. None of those things occurred in my family. So I guess we would sort of joke that my mom didn't beat me hard enough. So I don't have mitigation."

As with the aggravation phase, a new jury will be impaneled if jurors disagree. Jurors must be unanimous that Arias doesn't deserve the death penalty -- or unanimous that she does. If they vote for death, it's not a recommendation. Arias will be on her way to getting her supposed death wish.

It seems unlikely that she's suddenly telling the truth this time, after telling three big lies about how Alexander died.

Had Arias really wanted to die, she could have made it a murder-suicide by offing herself at the murder scene. Instead, she left Alexander's home with the .25-caliber gun that she recalled dumping in the desert. She drove to Utah for a make-out session with Ryan Burns, left a voice mail for Alexander as if he were still alive, and disposed of bloody socks and other evidence.

It certainly appears that she planned to get away with the murder -- and live.

No doubt, she loves the limelight. And she's put an unsubtle clue on her website that she intends to enjoy life for as long as she can.

She's selling T-shirts emblazoned with the word "Survivor."

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I watched this case while repairing my <a href="">garage door in phoenix</a> I still don't know why she killed him, but I think that xaviermarmosa is a little crazy. Mormons are just like other Christians, they are no more repressed than anyone else, like most Christians they're generally good people.


I wonder what Jodi Arias sentence would be with out this National/World Wide Media Circus egging it on?

The Drug Cartel member that "Be-Headed "someone was just sentenced to fourteen years?!!

He had no Media Circus I guess.


You know what I wish would die - news coverage of this case.


"The state will present evidence to prove the murder was committed in an especially heinous, cruel, or depraved manner," says Jerry Cobb.

Hypocrites.  Lethal injection rips up the insides while paralyzing the outer muscles so viewers can't see the "heinous, cruel, or depraved manner" in which the victim is being killed.  Too bad Jodi didn't have cheerleaders outside Travis's house when she put that bullet in his face.  Maybe people would actually see their own blood thirsty behavior for what it really is.  You people are no different with controlling your rage than she was on the night she took his life.  The main difference is she actually had the courtesy to give him a little something something on his way out.  It's only "especially heinous" because it happened to a sexually repressed Mormon choir boy who obviously didn't bother to tell Jodi he was ashamed of the fact she knew more about sex than him (and didn't want to take her home to his prudish Mormon community - the same community that didn't mind the fact he was having sex out of wedlock and behaving as a "non-practicing" Mormon on the night in question).  Were the same murder to have been committed by a slutty man whose "innocent and moral" Mormon girlfriend gave him some sugar on the same night she broke up with him, it'd be a side note in the obituary column of a no-name newspaper because her mixed signals would be an obvious explanation for the reaction their sudden break up had on the whorish male who was ruthlessly cut off after performing a dirty deed for her (one he traveled several hours, past two or three states, to eagerly provide).  Passive Aggressive, please meet big daddy...Real LiveAggression.  Also, let's make this "innocent and moral" Mormon girl twice the slutty guys size so we all can see that she had plenty of time to deliver some damage on her smaller whorish male attacker (partial self defense that likely wouldn't have been murder if she hadn't body slammed him against the wall - with her huge naked body - right after her smaller emotionally-distraught male attacker pulled a knife).  The smaller male attacker couldn't possibly have premeditated a murder on a woman twice his size by using a knife...especially when there was a gun available (unless, of coarse, he was born retarded).  Having stole his grandfathers gun, he would've just shot twice from a safe distance, instead of risking the danger of getting too close to his much larger angry female target.  He also would've taken a few seconds to wear gloves and wipe off his bloody hand prints from the wall (unless, of coarse, he was born retarded).   Suddenly the murder wouldn't appear as "heinous, cruel, and depraved" as the vengeful family would like to paint it.  In fact, it might have started out as an aggravated assault but, instead,  resulted in murder on the opposite end...where poor husky "innocent and moral" Mormon girl would be the one who stood trial for killing her itty-bitty male attacker.  I think the "innocent and moral" Mormon girl would've considered lying through her teeth too, in the same way her tiny male attacker would, just because she knew the death penalty was waiting for her on the other side of that "mistake."


Yes, she is lying and manipulating again.  She doesn't want to die, she wants the notoriety, fame, and drama, that this type of case brings.  If you try to get her to the chair sooner rather than later, she'll drag that process out to keep herself relevant and in the news for as long as possible, which can be years and years just so you'll remember the name Jodi Arias and milk it for everything it's worth; it's the "Jodi Show" after all and she's got more drama than CBS.  Treat her like just another stupid bitch inmate in prison and not Jodi Arias the famous man-killer with her own Twitter page.


When I saw the interview I didn't understand why one of her attorneys hadn't accompanied her down to the holding cell after such a devastating verdict. If a defense attorney had been with her Troy Hayden would likely have been handed his hat and told to shove his camera where the sun don't shine. 

I had previously noticed that her female defense attorney barely looked at her while the verdict was being read. Before that I, and many other legal observers, were shocked that Nurmi had said he can't stand his client most days, knowing full well he would likely have to beg a jury to spare her life.  

Clearly, the  relationship between Arias and her attorneys is broken.  Which is probably why Nurmi filed a motion to withdraw from the case over a year ago that was denied by the judge.  A  fractured, inoperable attorney-client relationship is a very appealable issue, and its all on the record in the Arias case.  So get ready for State v. Arias II; in about ten years.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

There's no logical reason to prevent her from offing herself. Hell, give 'er some rope!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@Nick_Hentoff Now, now. Appeal based on inadequate representation? Perhaps, but Clarence Darrow couldn't have saved her from the needle.

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