Jodi Arias Could be Executed in Just Four Years -- If Her Wish for Death Isn't Another Lie

Image: Court pool photograph
Jodi Arias claims she prefers the death penalty to life in prison. If that's true, says the state AG's Office, she could be executed in as little as four years if she decides not to appeal.
In an exclusive post-conviction interview, boyfriend-killer Jodi Arias insisted that she didn't plan to kill 30-year-old Travis Alexander in 2008.

But now that she's been convicted of premeditated murder, she'd "prefer to die sooner than later."

Arias went on to say to Channel 10's Troy Hayden, "Longevity runs in my family, and I don't want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place. I believe death is the ultimate freedom, and I'd rather have my freedom as soon as I can get it."

If the jury gives the world-famous murderess the death penalty, and she keeps her word, she could be dead in as little as four years. But when has Arias told the truth since Alexander's bloody demise?

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Image: Court video
Michael Marin killed himself with a cyanide pill last year after being convicted of burning down his mansion. Jodi Arias claims she'd rather die "sooner than later," rather than spending the rest of her life in prison.
Leaving a cyanide pill in her cell so she could exit the world like arsonist Michael Marin did in a Phoenix courtroom last year ("Burning Man" Found Guilty of Arson, June 28) isn't an option, no matter how many people post tweets to "#jodiarias" wishing it was.

In fact, her comments to KSAZ-TV last week landed her on a Maricopa County jail suicide watch. A guard checked her every 15 minutes to make sure she'd be alive until the high-rating TV spectacle starring her ends.

The suicide watch was lifted on Monday. Also on Monday, Arias' lawyers asked the judge to cancel the death-penalty option, but were refused by Judge Sherry Stephens. It's unclear whether Arias encouraged the request.

One way Arias could hasten her demise substantially is if she fails to appeal a death sentence, says Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.

The state grants one automatic appeal to inmates sentenced to die, regardless of their wishes. Assuming that's not successful in Arias' case -- and Arias still claims she wants to die -- the state will order a psychiatric examination to be "100 percent that the person is completely fine, mentally," Grisham says. Then: curtains.

In theory, the process could take just four years. Because a normal death-penalty case takes 20 to 27 years from conviction to execution, Arias' decision could save taxpayers millions of dollars, Grisham says.

The sensational trial, which has been going on since January 2, already has cost county taxpayers an estimated $2 million.

After finding Arias guilty of first-degree murder, jury members now turn their attention to the trial's aggravation and penalty phases. These could last at least a couple of weeks, experts say. The proceedings were scheduled to begin right before publication of this story.

In the aggravation phase, "The state will present evidence to prove the murder was committed in an especially heinous, cruel, or depraved manner," says Jerry Cobb, spokesman for the County Attorney's Office.

Image: Illustration by Graham Smith
Defense attorney Mel McDonald, a former Arizona U.S. Attorney who has watched the trial closely, says he believes the chances that the jury will vote for the death penalty are "staggeringly high."

McDonald adds, "You don't get much more gruesome than this offense. You can tell from the jury questions that they were not sympathizing with her."

The horror-movie details of Alexander's slaying are familiar to even casual observers of what has been one of the most celebrated televised trials in U.S. history.

Stabbed 27 times. Throat slashed from ear to ear. Shot in the head.

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I watched this case while repairing my <a href="">garage door in phoenix</a> I still don't know why she killed him, but I think that xaviermarmosa is a little crazy. Mormons are just like other Christians, they are no more repressed than anyone else, like most Christians they're generally good people.


I wonder what Jodi Arias sentence would be with out this National/World Wide Media Circus egging it on?

The Drug Cartel member that "Be-Headed "someone was just sentenced to fourteen years?!!

He had no Media Circus I guess.


You know what I wish would die - news coverage of this case.


"The state will present evidence to prove the murder was committed in an especially heinous, cruel, or depraved manner," says Jerry Cobb.

Hypocrites.  Lethal injection rips up the insides while paralyzing the outer muscles so viewers can't see the "heinous, cruel, or depraved manner" in which the victim is being killed.  Too bad Jodi didn't have cheerleaders outside Travis's house when she put that bullet in his face.  Maybe people would actually see their own blood thirsty behavior for what it really is.  You people are no different with controlling your rage than she was on the night she took his life.  The main difference is she actually had the courtesy to give him a little something something on his way out.  It's only "especially heinous" because it happened to a sexually repressed Mormon choir boy who obviously didn't bother to tell Jodi he was ashamed of the fact she knew more about sex than him (and didn't want to take her home to his prudish Mormon community - the same community that didn't mind the fact he was having sex out of wedlock and behaving as a "non-practicing" Mormon on the night in question).  Were the same murder to have been committed by a slutty man whose "innocent and moral" Mormon girlfriend gave him some sugar on the same night she broke up with him, it'd be a side note in the obituary column of a no-name newspaper because her mixed signals would be an obvious explanation for the reaction their sudden break up had on the whorish male who was ruthlessly cut off after performing a dirty deed for her (one he traveled several hours, past two or three states, to eagerly provide).  Passive Aggressive, please meet big daddy...Real LiveAggression.  Also, let's make this "innocent and moral" Mormon girl twice the slutty guys size so we all can see that she had plenty of time to deliver some damage on her smaller whorish male attacker (partial self defense that likely wouldn't have been murder if she hadn't body slammed him against the wall - with her huge naked body - right after her smaller emotionally-distraught male attacker pulled a knife).  The smaller male attacker couldn't possibly have premeditated a murder on a woman twice his size by using a knife...especially when there was a gun available (unless, of coarse, he was born retarded).  Having stole his grandfathers gun, he would've just shot twice from a safe distance, instead of risking the danger of getting too close to his much larger angry female target.  He also would've taken a few seconds to wear gloves and wipe off his bloody hand prints from the wall (unless, of coarse, he was born retarded).   Suddenly the murder wouldn't appear as "heinous, cruel, and depraved" as the vengeful family would like to paint it.  In fact, it might have started out as an aggravated assault but, instead,  resulted in murder on the opposite end...where poor husky "innocent and moral" Mormon girl would be the one who stood trial for killing her itty-bitty male attacker.  I think the "innocent and moral" Mormon girl would've considered lying through her teeth too, in the same way her tiny male attacker would, just because she knew the death penalty was waiting for her on the other side of that "mistake."


Yes, she is lying and manipulating again.  She doesn't want to die, she wants the notoriety, fame, and drama, that this type of case brings.  If you try to get her to the chair sooner rather than later, she'll drag that process out to keep herself relevant and in the news for as long as possible, which can be years and years just so you'll remember the name Jodi Arias and milk it for everything it's worth; it's the "Jodi Show" after all and she's got more drama than CBS.  Treat her like just another stupid bitch inmate in prison and not Jodi Arias the famous man-killer with her own Twitter page.


When I saw the interview I didn't understand why one of her attorneys hadn't accompanied her down to the holding cell after such a devastating verdict. If a defense attorney had been with her Troy Hayden would likely have been handed his hat and told to shove his camera where the sun don't shine. 

I had previously noticed that her female defense attorney barely looked at her while the verdict was being read. Before that I, and many other legal observers, were shocked that Nurmi had said he can't stand his client most days, knowing full well he would likely have to beg a jury to spare her life.  

Clearly, the  relationship between Arias and her attorneys is broken.  Which is probably why Nurmi filed a motion to withdraw from the case over a year ago that was denied by the judge.  A  fractured, inoperable attorney-client relationship is a very appealable issue, and its all on the record in the Arias case.  So get ready for State v. Arias II; in about ten years.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

There's no logical reason to prevent her from offing herself. Hell, give 'er some rope!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@Nick_Hentoff Now, now. Appeal based on inadequate representation? Perhaps, but Clarence Darrow couldn't have saved her from the needle.

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