Ex-ASU Student Found Dead in Tempe Town Lake

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Tempe Town Lake
Yet again, a body has been pulled from Tempe Town Lake.

Gerrick Begay, a 21-year-old Tempe resident and former student at the nearby Arizona State University, was found floating in the lake around 5:30 a.m. yesterday.

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Begay, a Monument Valley High School graduate who took classes at ASU -- although the school directory shows he wasn't recently enrolled in the school -- was found floating between the railroad bridge and the Mill Avenue bridge, according to police.

Tempe police spokeswoman Molly Enright says detectives are investigating Begay's death, but don't believe at this point that his death is suspicious. That means Begay probably either got in on purpose, or fell in on accident.

Begay's the third current or former ASU student to be found dead in the lake in as many years, including freshman Jack Culolias, who was found in November -- and was actually found in the nearby river bed -- and former student Willie Jigba, who was found dead in the lake in early 2011.

Two other people, without immediate ties to ASU, have also been found dead in the lake in the last year.

A City of Tempe employee apparently fell off a boat in the middle of the lake and drowned last month, and an apparently drunk man drowned in the lake while swimming in it late at night in October.

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It takes 1-2 days for a body to come to surface after a drowning and they usually float with a few meters of where they drowned.  His last tweet was before 9pm the night before and his body was found at 5 am under the bridge.  His body was dumped there.  It doesn't matter whether or not he was a student. but he was a good man and respected in the Navajo community.  His death is suspicious!

KC Gardiner-Johnson
KC Gardiner-Johnson

Probably not a good idea to hang out by the lake drunk. In fact, drunk people should stay at home (or in the bar or wherever they got drunk... ie if you're drunk, stay there until you're sober)

Niki Toland
Niki Toland

What are you suggesting....a fence around the "lake"?.... so drunks don't fall in? How anyone who is sober fall in that "lake" and drown is beyond me.

valleynative topcommenter

Why are you trying to force a connection to ASU?

Two out of five were students.  One was "a former student".

A good percentage of the Valley are "former students" of ASU, particularly on the east side.


Tony Soprano did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

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