Department of Education to Look at Complaint of Queen Creek High School's "Redneck Day"

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Phoenix civil-rights leader Reverend Jarrett Maupin is moving forward with a complaint to the Department of Education about Queen Creek High School's "Redneck Day."

Maupin has shared with New Times some of the correspdonance he's had with the Department of Education, and the department's Office of Civil Rights will at least "evaluate" Maupin's complaint of a civil-rights violation, after one student showed up to school wearing the Confederate flag as a cape.

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Anyone can file the complaint with the civil-rights office, but they have to have information about people who were discriminated against. Maupin says he has sworn statements from students claiming discrimination.

Maupin says he's not only fielded calls from local African-American people outraged that a school would actually hold such a "school spirit" day, but says there were Queen Creek High School students who were intimidated by the use of the Confederate flag, which he says was also featured on another student's shirt.

He previously pointed to the state's ban on "ethnic studies" classes (in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way), which ban schools teaching stuff that "promotes resentment toward any race or class" and advocates "ethnic solidarity" or are designed for a "certain ethnicity."

At the very least, Maupin's looking for some sensitivity training at Queen Creek High School.

The school district superintendent told the Arizona Republic at the time this was blowing up that "the only intent of Wednesday's event was to satirize the A&E reality TV show 'Duck Dynasty.'"

We'll keep you updated if the Department of Education decides to start a full-on investigation.

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The Confederate Flag ... Is it Racist?
"No, the Confederate flag does not and never has represented racism. It is a symbol of Southern heritage, representing freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, and resistance to an out of control federal government. "It may be true that some racists have used the Confederate flag, but racists also wave the American flag. Consider these facts:

No slave ship ever sailed from a Confederate port or under a Confederate flag. On the contrary, virtually every American slave ship was from either New York or one of the New England states and they all sailed under the United States Flag. Also, at the time of the American Civil War, slavery had been practiced in every state and colony in America and was still being practiced in several northern states, under the Stars and Stripes, even during the War Between the States. 

Ulysses S. Grant, commanding general of the United States Army during the War was a slave holder. Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate Army, was against slavery. The Confederate constitution outlawed the slave trade and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, offered a plan that would have emancipated the Southern slaves in exchange for recognition from England and France. Davis personally had an adapted black son who lived as a member of his family in the Confederate White House. There were more free blacks, and also more abolitionists, in the South than in the North. Tens of thousands of black soldiers fought for the Confederate States of America in a war which they considered a second American Revolution, a "War for Southern Independence."

Unfortunately some racist groups have used the Confederate flag in recent years, but those same groups, especially the Ku Klux Klan, have historically used the American flag for a much longer period of time.

The truth is, neither the American Flag nor the Confederate Flag is racist. If people who are racists fly either flag, that does not mean the flag itself represents racism.

from the comments section;

"I feel something has to be said about people being "offended" by the Confederate flag. Groups like the NAACP say it is a flag of hate. Yet they prop up the flag of the Buffalo Soldiers as a flag of honor. The Buffalo Soldiers were organized by the U.S. government to encourage slaves to earn their freedom by commiting genocide on the Native Americans. Yet this group is honored as heros by the NAACP. What is honorable about genocide? The Confederacy ended this program during the war. When the US won the war they restarted the Buffalo Soldier campaign this time going after tribes that supported the Confedracy as punishment. Never mind the war was over. As someone who is part Native American I find the Buffalo Soldier as a symble of hate and there flag way more offensive than the Confederate flag. Who is going to ban the Buffalo Soldier flags from our parades and schools and government buildings? Who do you think dubbed them Buffalo Soldiers? The people they were commiting genocide on."


Some of the family was on The View last week.  It is a white entrepreneurial family that makes duck callers for duck hunters.  I really doubt Whoopi, Sherri, or blonde Jewish Barbara would have a prejudiced guest.  In the interest of cultural diversity we should be open to white cultures as well as brown, yellow, red and black ones.  The Confederate flag issue was perhaps a misinterpretation by some of the kids.  Or perhaps the admin should have put out specific note to not include them in the celebration.   

I myself was raised to fear and stay away from those who flaunted that flag - having been taught that those people would just as soon kill me but hey, I have read people saying that many who celebrate their culture including that flag do not have race hatred, that the flag does not represent that to them at all.  Perhaps if I could hear/read their interpretation/understanding of why they hang on to that flag and why it is not synonymous with racism I could get over my fear of those who flaunt that piece of cloth.  I'm willing to reconsider and re-educate my old self, especially if it means losing some fear.  

This is a teachable moment.  A one day celebration in the interest of diversity does not necessarily mean teaching of ethnic solidarity against others or "promotes resentment toward any race or class" like a 5 day a week several months long course can do.  These guys are surviving after graduating university as a small family business by doing what they love which is also in their cultural heritage and I am sure many ethnic duck hunters happily use their products or are you going to tell me that only white people hunt duck?  Does this mean that when my childs' class had a Chinese learning celebration day that included entire class field trip to Chinese restaurant - I should have somehow protested?  What will the kids learn from this?


Sorry.  My Mexican descent husband tells me that pretty much only white people hunt ducks.  OK.  I stand corrected.  Peking Duck?

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