David Trujillo, Dance Teacher at Several Valley Schools, Accused of Sex With Underage Student

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David Trujillo
A volunteer dance teacher who's worked with kids at several Valley high schools and a private dance studio is accused of having sex with a then-underage boy who was a student at Mountain Pointe High School in Ahwatukee.

David Trujillo, 26, is accused of having sex with the boy beginning when the boy was 16, about three years ago.

The allegation actually surfaced more than a year ago, according to court documents obtained by New Times, but the alleged victim told Phoenix police there was no inappropriate relationship between them.

Earlier this week, someone else contacted Phoenix police, and the alleged victim, now 19, said they did have a sexual relationship.

Trujillo was his instructor for a dance class and for a dance club, and they engaged in the sexual acts at a local hotel, according to the documents.

Police set up a confrontation call between the two, and Trujillo admitted to the relationship, the documents say.

After Trujillo was arrested and transported to Phoenix PD headquarters for an interview, he told police that he's been a volunteer dance teacher at several local high schools over the past eight years.

According to the court documents, he's currently working at an Ahwatukee dance studio called Dance Studio 111.

After consulting with his mother, Trujillo decided not to talk to police about the allegation, although he acknowledged the phone call with the alleged victim.

While he worked at Mountain Pointe, he also worked at two other public high schools, unnamed in court documents, as well as a private high school.

After adding up all the incidents, which you can read about in the embedded document below (if that piques your interest), Trujillo was booked into jail on 15 counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of sexual abuse.

Trujillo's official title at Mountain Pointe was "community volunteer," but court documents indicate he meets the definition of a "teacher," which makes the charges a more-serious level of felony.

He's being held without bond.

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This guy I knew, he helped my choir teacher last year for our biggest show of the year ten when I found this out I was upset because he was nice and he didn't seem like this would happen. When I first found out, I was really upset because I knew him and didn't think anything would happen like this to him....

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

wasnt Babeu doing the same thing? his student who lived with him was only 17


This guy should now be B.F.F. with Jan Brewer, and John Mc Cain, and should either run for Pinal County Sheriff or Congress for the Arizona G.O.P.

Right Babeu?

Babeu as the Head of the Desito School in Mary Land was reported to have had an affair with one of his seventeen year old male students.

Trujillo is Now Prime Government Material for Arizona.


this article is disgustingly written... this high school kid was obviously in the closet and when his parents found out, he turned on davey and made it seem like their relationship was not consensual... this article is ABSOLUTELY antagonizing (almost crucifying) davey... it was an isolated incident, no other "victims".... davey is a kind person who clearly made a HORRIBLE decision letting his heart take th lead and getting involved with a minor... but he is no predator... and being held without bail??? SERIOUSLY????  murderers even get bail!! make it 500 million dollars, he cant pay it but at least hes got a shot!! jeezz is he really a bigger threat to society than people like jodi arias and o.j. simpson? you make the guy sound like a monster...

give me a break.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

He's gay, as is the student. Now we need to see how much "deniability" he has, cuz the student (and exact how old was he while the torrid affair was taking place?) initially did not cooperate with authorities. So what changed in the relationship that caused the student to put teach in the cops' crosshairs? There must have been a big falling-out between the two.


So is he a pederast, or a homosexual? Or both?


Agreed. Seriously... the guy is 26... he is still a kid.


@nosoupforyou its because its looked upon as he had a position of authority over the minor..thats why no bail. Youd have a better argument though pointing out how females in said position usually get off easy, while males dont though..most especially if the female is good looking 

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