Police Say Jeremy Shelton Came to Arizona For Daughter's High School Graduation, Got Busted With Meth and Fake ID

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You try to be a good father and visit town for your daughter's high school graduation, and what happens?

The Police bust you, find Meth in your pocket, realize that even though the picture on your ID is you, the name is someone else's. Finally, the cops dig up all those old warrants you'd skipped town to avoid.

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Phoenix PD says they pulled Jeremy Shelton, 41, over on a traffic stop and then found the baggie, the fake ID, the warrants. The police reports says Shelton fled to Nebraska after officers showed up at his house to serve a warrant and found "illegal items."

Shelton is being charged with dangerous drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession, criminal possession of forgery device, and taking the identity of another. 

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Arizona = white-trash wasteland

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