Cloves Campbell Jr.'s Calling a Black Phoenix Council Candidate a "House Negro" Draws Mixed Reaction

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Cloves Campbell, publisher of the Arizona Informant, shocked a good deal of people when he labeled Pastor Warren Stewart's opponent, Lawrence Robinson, a "house Negro" in a May 22 editorial.

On the Informant's Facebook page, the editorial is labeled as "provocative."

Most seem to call it offensive.

Councilman Michael Johnson, who currently represents District 8, has told the Arizona Republic that he isn't bothered by Campbell's assessment of a fellow African American.

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Johnson's tenure is set to expire, and he is barred by term limits from running again to continue representing a predominately Latino district that has been represented for decades by an African American.

Stewart, senior pastor at First Institutional Baptist Church, Robinson, an attorney and member of the Roosevelt School Board, Carolyn T. Lowery, a community activist, and Kate Widland Gallego, a strategic planner who worked for SRP, are all vying for the seat to represent District 8.

Stewart, who pledged his campaign would be a mud-free zone, has not responded to New Times repeated requests for comment on Campbell's assessment of his opponent.

He may not have anything to say, but state Representative Catherine Miranda and former State Representative Ben Miranda do.

The couple, residents of District 8, say that Campbell's comments are only perpetuating a racial divide in the community.

And they urge Councilman Johnson to "put his friendship with Cloves [Campbell] aside and not embrace his racially charged editorial."

The Mirandas write in a column e-mailed to New Times that Stewart may be qualified for the office, but they are endorsing Robinson because they "need for a new generation of leadership" who "will continue to work for change, cultural competency and racial harmony."

Commenting on the Informant's website, Eric Sullivan calls the editorial "a breath of fresh air" and writes Campbell "put the reality of a conscious brotha in simple black-n-white."

He's only one of two commenters (out of a dozen) who praised Campbell.

Others had less pleasant remarks, including:

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Mr. Campbell's choice of words to describe Lawrence Robinson is just sickening. No excuses.

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