Caleb Everett Pleads Not Guilty In Frat-Boy-Bashing, Pistol-Shooting Fight

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Caleb Everett
Twenty-year-old Caleb Everett plead not guilt Monday for his alleged involvement in a fight with ASU frat boys that involved baseball bats and shots fired into the air. 

Police arrested four other suspects in the fight last month, which took place just blocks away from the Tempe campus. (Check out the surveillance video at the link below or on the next page.) 

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Clarissa Casillas

Police say Caleb and his group had gone to pick up a friend's girlfriend at a party in an apartment complex at 1925 East Hayden Lane in Tempe, which police believe is a Delta Kappa Epsilon party house. Some frat boys and residents told Caleb and his friends to leave the complex, and police say the two crowds started fighting. 

Thirty minutes later, Caleb returned with more friends, baseball bats, and two black 9 millimeter handguns, according to police. About 20 people filed out of the apartments, and the two groups taunted each other and witnesses told police they saw Zack Rezendes, 18, clock someone in the head with a bat. 

Isaiah Everett

During the fight, two of the suspects from Caleb's grabbed handguns from their car and fired five shots in the air away from the crowd. 

Witnesses heard Caleb shouting for everyone to "back up!," according to a police report. 

Caleb, Rezendes and three other suspects --  Isaiah Everett, 19;  Clarissa Casillas, 19; and Michael Reyes, 19 -- jumped in their silver Ford Focus and fled the scene, but a patrol car responding to a shots-fired call chased them. The Focus stopped and the group bailed from the car, running from officers, police say.

Zack Rezendes

Authorities tracked down four of the suspects with the help of a K-9 and arrested Caleb at his home later that day. Police say they found a Hi-Point 9 millimeter pistol in the purse of Casillas, who later was identified as Caleb's girlfriend. Authorities spotted the other pistol near a canal. Both Caleb and Isaiah later admitted to owning the guns, police say. 

Police charged the five suspects with varying crimes, ranging from minor in consumption of alcohol, disorderly conduct with a weapon ,and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

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