Arizona's Drunk Drivers Average "Extreme" DUI Blood-Alcohol Levels During Memorial Day

Most Arizonans chose not to drive drunk over Memorial Day weekend, but those who did were pretty loaded.

According to statistics from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, the average blood-alcohol level of people caught in statewide DUI enforcement this weekend was .153 -- nearly twice the legal limit of .08, and enough to qualify people for the "extreme" DUI category.

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There were 559 people hit with DUIs this weekend, which is higher than 2012's Memorial Day weekend total of 547, but lower than the same weekends in 2011 (614) and 2010 (849).

The average blood-alcohol level was the highest Memorial Day weekend average in the last five years, although only a fraction of those arrested for DUI drivers were actually arrested on the "extreme" DUI charge -- 148 people, the same as Memorial Day weekend 2012.

There were also 103 people arrested for drug-related DUIs, which is by far the most in the last five years (there were 83 drug DUI arrests over the same weekend in 2010, the next highest total).

The agency also included the most refreshing statistic, showing that cops on DUI duty this weekend pulled over 181 more drunk drivers than they did sober designated drivers (378 of 'em).

If you need more, all the stats provided can be found below:

Governor's Office of Highway Safety

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valleynative topcommenter

There seems to be a disturbing upward trend in child restraint citations, unless it's simply a matter of issuing more citations rather than simply ignoring them.

Peter Fullmer
Peter Fullmer

Maybe that just means the cops went for the real drunks this time, rather than spend an hour with somebody blowing a 0 in hopes that it'll go up.


why would they be pulling over any one who is sober, much less 378 of them?


@valleynative @tomhavey Not quite valleynative, the reason they are pulling over sober drivers is they have no idea who is sober or drunk.  They pulled over 13,000 people and issued 4,500 other citations.  Even being conservative and saying that there was a driver for each of the 4,500 citations as opposed to the likelihood that some of the drivers were cited for multiple citations, they pulled over at least another 8,500 sober, law abiding citizens. Because we have wonderfully strict DUI laws here that infringe on peoples rights.  Basically their success rate of finding a DUI was 4%, great inefficiency and huge waste of money.

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