Arizona's Well Above the National Average! (For Middle-Aged Suicide Rates)

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In only a handful of states are middle-aged people killing themselves at a higher rate than Arizona.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention released a report today on Americans between the ages of 35 and 64 committing suicide, Arizona's 24 suicides per 100,000 residents in 2010 was well above the national average of 17.6.

The CDC only listed state rates for about 40 states, but Utah is said to have the eighth-highest rate at 24.7, and Arizona's just barely behind that at 24.3.

The silver lining is that Arizona's increase in suicides in this age group from 1999 was under 16 percent, which was a lot less than some other states (suicides in Michigan increased by more than 40 percent, for example).

According to the CDC, the most common suicide methods are firearms, poisoning, suffocation, and "other," in that order.

The report from the CDC can be found here.

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valleynative topcommenter

Arizona was hit harder than most states by the collapse of the real estate market and subsequent unemployment.  When you're close to retirement age and have to start over, some will wonder why they should bother.


Sorry but this seems really meaningless without more demographic information than what I saw contained in the report.  For example, are the majority composed of small business people finding themselves losing everything due to a combination of government regulations//fees, government sponsored global competition and licensed liars?  Is another majority the large group of people whose for profit medical care system refused diagnosis and treatment leaving them in exquisite pain and suffering, unable to work, and with no diagnosis permitting disability payments?  There are many suffering in this manner.  I don't know why people are screaming about Obamacare since the only difference I can see is that the pool of victims will grow.  I suppose if the rate increases post full implementation of Obamacare we can do our own extrapolation.

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