Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Daryl Washington Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charges

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Daryl Washington
Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl linebacker Daryl Washington pleaded not guilty this morning to charges related to allegedly choking and breaking the collarbone of his baby's mother.

Washington was arrested on May 3, two days after he got in a fight with the child's mother, Ciera MacDonald, while Washington visited his child at the woman's apartment, according to court documents previously obtained by New Times.

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Washington was playing with the baby on the landing outside the apartment, but at one point, MacDonald looked outside and didn't see Washington or the baby.

Washington didn't answer his cellphone when she called, but Washington came back a few minutes later and told MacDonald that he'd just walked to Dairy Queen, according to the documents.

The two apparently got into an argument, and as MacDonald tried to take back the baby, Washington "pushed Ciera away and would not allow Ciera to get close to him," according to the documents.

"At one point, Daryl extended his hand and grabbed Ciera by the neck pushing her over the landing railing while choking her," a probable-cause statement says. "Ciera said she was unable to breathe and felt as if she was going to fall over the railing."

MacDonald didn't fall over the railing, but a nurse at a family-advocacy center found injuries on her neck "consistent with her version of events," according to the documents.

Washington eventually let go of his grip, and MacDonald took back the baby. MacDonald tried to close the apartment door behind her, but Washington pushed his way in and followed MacDonald to her bedroom, the documents say.

At that point, Washington took MacDonald's cellphone and walked out, heading for his car. MacDonald chased him, throwing a "hand-woven basket" with a plastic plant at Washington, which actually hit his car instead.

Washington tried to push and pull MacDonald out of the car, as she tried to get her phone, until she tried to run around the vehicle to get in another door. According to the documents, that's when Washington shoved her from behind, causing her to fall and break her collarbone, as well as causing several cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

The documents indicate that Washington was involved in prior domestic-violence incidents with MacDonald, some reported to police and some unreported.

Washington was jailed on two felony aggravated assault charges, and a misdemeanor trespassing charge was added.

His bond was set at $4,200, which he obviously posted.

With Washington's not-guilty plea, he's set for court again on July 3.

Washington's already going to be suspended for the first four games of the upcoming season for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy.

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david_saint01 topcommenter

lol i hate to say it, but her version of events doesnt add up...she was probably acting just as crazy as she was when he took her cell phone while he was holding the child, and he wasnt letting her hold the baby because of that..hes a big guy, shes probably petite, which is why she got bruises from him restraining her.  and a simple fall can result in one breaking a wrist, and she was attacking him at the me, this is a wash..but unfortunately even when women pick the fight they are still considered the victims. hope he learns, next time just walk away and call the cops..let them witness it. 

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