Are You 1,000 Times Less Likely to Visit Mexico After Hearing About Yanira Maldonado?

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A Valley mother has been sitting in jail in Nogales, Sonora, since last week, accused of trying to smuggle a dozen pounds of marijuana on her way back from a family funeral.

Yanira Maldonado's family has a seemingly credible account of the U.S. citizen being framed and subjected to corrupt Mexican authorities.

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If the family's telling the truth, she either was framed or this is some of the shittiest police work on the continent.

According to CNN and other press accounts, Maldonado and her husband were riding back to the United States on a bus, which was pulled over at a military checkpoint.

Police told the couple that the marijuana had been found under her seat, as well as an empty seat next to her.

Both were detained, but Maldonado ended up being jailed on the smuggling charges, and apparently, despite witness accounts saying she didn't bring 12 pounds of weed onto the bus, she's still being held in a Mexican jail.

According to CNN's report, "Her husband was told by authorities that regardless of his wife's guilt or innocence, he would have to pay $5,000 to secure her freedom, the family said."

That still didn't work. Senator Jeff Flake is reportedly "personally monitoring the situation," which doesn't exactly sound reassuring.

That doesn't sound like justice for a woman who appears to be set up on phony charges in Mexico. The best we can tell, the most severe trouble Maldonado's been in with Arizona authorities was a traffic ticket she got last month -- not exactly the international marijuana smuggling type.

Now, does Maldonado's story make you 1,000 times less likely to visit Mexico, where many places have been seeing a tourism decline for some time now?

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dennis20 topcommenter

When I see our local TV anchor folks read from teleprompter how Mexico's justice is "guilty until proven innocent" I throw up a little in my mouth.  

Maricopa County jails are full of people (thanks to prop 200) who are considered guilty until proven innocent.  Some spend years in our jails until trial.  Most accept plea agreements for crimes they didn't commit to get reduced sentences.  

robert_graham topcommenter

She deserves to be sitting in a Mexico jail because she tried to smuggle drugs. But I know, it's always the same excuse crying... "but I didn't do it". Yeah right!


This story has every appearance of being a travesty of justice...I'm glad it's not my family having to endure this scenario and I will ensure it doesn't happen by remaining safely on this side of the border. 


Anyone who visits Mexico is foolish.  Between the drug violence, the police corruption, and the political unrest it is an extremely dangerous place to live let alone visit.

For some years now the National Security Agency has place Mexico as one of the most unstable countries in the world.  A couple years back it was assessed as the second government most likely to fail and fall in to total anarchy.  Pakistan was number one in that assessment.


Ya' because we have no corrupt cops here in Arizona and rest assure you won't go to jail here in the U.S because of something you didn't do.... Mr Hendley as a long long long time reader I have to say lately you've been writing some of the most stupid articles I've read on NT..


Nope.  We already nixed traveling to Mexico for long time now.  Always scams for $, always near death experiences for my family - both sides.  My MEXICAN family refuses to go to Mexico.  Some of the kids used to go bar hopping across the line long time ago.  Last organized visit to Mexico was to retrieve kidnapped 13 year old mother.


I have rode buses throughout Mexico and never had a problem. There are check points on most highways in Mexico to collect tolls, and I have never seen  any authority board the bus, or ask anyone to get off the bus. I am surprised PNT would cite CNN as a source. The more bad press all you pale faces give Mexico, will mean cheaper prices on my visits. This story smells like a barrel of old cods. peace


Damned shame, Mexico used to be a fun place to visit.


Mexico is a cesspool of corruption,filled with corrupt "law enforcement " , judges and politicians. Let's not forget Arpaio spent time down there. Mexico,the perfect training ground for anyone with desires to be corrupt. Arpaio needs to open the books and let the taxpayers see who is profiting from the commisary, ect.

valleynative topcommenter

@royalphoenix "I have ridden".  Maybe you don't look like you or your family has enough money to be able to pay the bribes.

Nobody says this happens to everybody or happens all the time.  Too often, though.  I don't think anybody can seriously deny that it happens too often.

shadeaux14 topcommenter

@Bnbk So the only difference between Mexico and Arizona is the skin color of it's population.


@valleynative   I have never claimed to be a scribe, so I am sorry if you had trouble understanding my comment. There is one thing I can assure everyone, there are as many, if not more, corrupt cops in this country as any other. I have been on 4 other continents besides N. America, so my financial situation is just fine. peace

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@shadeaux14 i dont know about that, but i do know that the Mexican officials arent in denial about being crooks.................Joe is still in the denial stage


@shadeaux14 @Bnbk The politicians,yes.

valleynative topcommenter

@royalphoenix @valleynative   I didn't comment on your financial situation, but on your appearance.

If you've had a broad enough sampling of interactions with police officers to really be able to comment, then that tells us something about yourself that would seem to disqualify you as being objective.  Sort of a catch-22.

Although you really have to see that you're by far in the minority if you really believe that the police in Mexico aren't more corrupt than those in the U.S.

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