Anti-Abortion Activists Hit Up Phoenix Clinic for Latest Undercover Video

Live Action's latest anti-abortion propaganda film.
A national anti-abortion group shot an undercover video "exposing" a "late-term abortion doctor" in Phoenix.

The group, Live Action, does this by having a woman say she's 23 weeks pregnant, and go in this facility with a camera, apparently "exposing" the fact that the abortion process isn't the prettiest thing in the world.

According to the press release we got from Lila Rose, the head activist of Live Action, it appears that the group's upset that the Phoenix doctor admits they wouldn't resuscitate the fetus -- after they repeatedly tell the woman that it won't be born alive.

Rose interprets this as "strongly suggest[ing] that staff there are committing infanticide," calling for a full investigation from Attorney General Eric Holder, along with some other stuff that's never going to happen.

Anyway, here's the video they want you to see, and you can judge for yourself if some wrongdoing's going on here (despite the selective editing):

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Since no actual abortion occurred, why should this be looked into?  It isn't as though a crime were committed, is it?


As another poster has stated, D&E's at 23 weeks and 2 days do NOT result in complete, whole, live fetuses being removed from a woman's uterus. First, the digoxin injection will stop a fetal heartbeat, resulting in fetal demise and rendering the possibility of a live birth null and void. Second, uterine contents (including fetal tissue, placenta, etc) are removed using suction and instruments, meaning these contents are removed IN PIECES. 

Also, interested read from a NICU nurse on why resuscitating an infant born at 23 weeks gestation is not a good idea: 

Ashley Fox
Ashley Fox

This is a 7 minute video and in that 7 minutes she only asks about resuscitation 2 or 3 times. The point of the video is that at 23 weeks which is about 6 months, the clinic will still give the woman an abortion. Also, the first person counseling the woman on the procedure tells her that the fetus is not even recognizable as a human which is completely false information. In another video by the same group, a woman goes to a clinic in New York and asks what to do if the medicine they give her causes her to go into labor. They tell her not to go to the hospital, but come to them because the hospital will make her deliver the baby. The woman also tells her that if the baby is born at home to flush it... but like you said it won't be born alive anyway so who cares...

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

In this case 's substitutes for the omitted "is". More conversational in style, cause that's how we roll.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Anyone who uses a video of an interview that is this highly edited and 'spliced' together is hiding something. 

If they feel the clinic or the workers there are doing something wrong, use the ENTIRE video to show that and let people make up their own minds, instead of trying to make their minds up for them via creative video editing.

This is just like the ACORN sting, which when we got the entire unedited video, showed that statements were used out of context and that the entire thing was a setup. Same thing here.

You don't tell the truth, if there is any to tell, by starting out the story with a lie. Edited video and interviews are lies.


The mother's of these wingnuts should have aborted them.

The best way to reduce abortion is easy and free access to birth control, yet the same screwballs who rant about abortion tend to be virulently anti-birth control as well.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Just looked up the facts on this - IT NEVER HAPPENS!  These people are lying through their teeth!

The main point these yahoos miss is that late term abortions happen in about 2% of all abortions and all of those have come about through the discovery of a threat to the life of the mother or the fetus or both.  In addition, a whole fetus coming out of the uterus at that time (pre-labor) is like trying to push a cantelope through a cock ring - it ain't gonna happen.  There is NEVER a time when it would.  These people are lying.

valleynative topcommenter

@ExpertShot   But, of course, the target audience for this video aren't the sort who would look up facts, or believe them when told.

Flyer9753 topcommenter


Yup and that is one thing that needs to be realized about this entire argument and the group who did this video.

If they cannot make their argument without resorting to subterfuge, how valid is their argument? How trustworthy are they?

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@david_saint01 @Flyer9753  

Oh I 110% agree. 

I don't know if it's just hypocrisy, short sightedness, a desire to be under someone elses thumb (whether that thumb is a spiritual belief or regulatory), while at the same time having someone else under their thumb that drives this. I suspect it's a combination of all of the above to greater and lesser extents along with a healthy dose of denial as to the real reasons they focus their attention here.

I am a firm believer in the right of the individual. I do believe that as individuals we give up (voluntarily) certain of those rights as part of the cost/payment for living in a society that benefits the whole, however I also require absolute proof before I will justify societies needs over the rights of that individual, and absolute proof of their argument is just not available here, just the opposite in fact when you look at the medical and scientific data without blinders on.

IMHO, the pro-life crowd needs to realize that you cannot legislate actions and therefore morality. If you could, there would be zero crime in the world. 

Legislation does not dictate actions. Yes it affects actions in most individuals until a line is crossed, at which point all individuals will say fuck the legislation and do what they feel is best for themselves - that is a fact of life that is well proven throughout history. I guarantee that every single pro-lifer out there will break every law out there, if they feel justified in their own skin to do so.

That line I speak of is different for every individual but the point being that if a woman wants to have an abortion, there is nothing anyone can do to stop the actual abortion. We can punish after the fact if we can prove it was deliberate, but we cannot stop it. 

That being said, acknowledge that fact and address the problem in a manner that actually can get some results, like health care and education, things that are proven to work at reducing abortions overall, while at the same time reducing the burden on society. 

I fail to see how the pro-life crowd cannot see the humongous burden and cost that lack of health care places on us all as well as the humongous burden and damage attempting to legislate morality does to society.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@Flyer9753 @david_saint01 ill go further on that...why is it that the same people who advocate for the unborn, advocate AGAINST health care for poor kids? 

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