Wolfswinkel Family to Get $1.4 Million in County Settlement Over Legal Abuses; $5 Million in Total Payouts Thanks to Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio

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Developer Conley Wolfswinkel: $1.4 million richer thanks to incompetence and corruption by Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas.
Developer Conley Wolfswinkel, his family and company will received $1.4 million in the largest Maricopa County payout yet to victims of the legal abuses of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

As the county just confirmed, the Wolfswinkels are getting more in this settlement than the $1.27 million that went to former Judge Gary Donahoe, or the still-disputed $975,000 settlement to Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.

Corrupt practices by Thomas, Arpaio and some of their overly loyal underlings from 2008-2010 have now cost the county a cool $5 million in taxpayer-funded payouts to victims.

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County spokeswoman Cari Gerchick released this statement from the Board of Supervisors about the settlement:

"The Board voted to settle this case to avoid incurring additional attorneys fees including the possible imposition of plaintiff's attorneys fees at trial.

"The cost to the County of defending this case is significant because there are seven different defendants who each required separate attorneys."

Don Stapley, a former County Supervisor who was in some ways the only slightly suspicious character in the alleged cabal of conspirators targeted by the deranged lawmen, is the only victim whose lawsuit now remains active. In yesterday's blog post, we covered why Wolfswinkel deserves his money: The facts show he and his company were pawns in a plan to smear and prosecute the lawmens' political opponents for a criminal conspiracy that did not exist.

Evidence later came out that seemed to prove a conspiracy was afoot -- but it was one cooked up by Thomas and Arpaio. Their goal at one point in the game, reportedly, was reportedly nothing less than a complete takeover of county leadership. County Supervisor Andrew Kunasek, a board member since 1997 who was re-elected last year, testified during Thomas' disciplinary proceedings last year that Tom Liddy, a deputy county attorney, tipped him off to details of the plan.

Thomas was disbarred following the proceedings. The state Supreme Court disciplinary likened his collaboration with Arpaio to an "unholy collaboration."

Besides Donahoe, the Wolfswinkels and Wilcox, settlements went to victims:

* Supervisor Andrew Kunasek; $123,000.

* Retired Judge Barbara Rodriguez Mundell; $500,000

* Susan Schuerman, executive assistant for former Supervisor Don Stapley; $500,000

* Sandra Dowling, former Maricopa schools superintendent; $250,000

* Retired Judge Anna Baca; $100,000

* Retired Judge Kenneth Fields; $100,000

* Steve Wetzel, Maricopa Chief Information Officer; $75,000

Thomas announced today that he's running for governor.

The state can't afford him.

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andrew thomas is just a frikkin disaster....maybe he will move to mississippi....


What am I missing here?  Why do the taxpayers have to provide the settlement fund??  Hmmm.


Arpaio, and his Butt Weasel Thomas should be paying out of their own Filthy Pockets.

Arpaio has become wealthy far beyond the means of a "Clean Sheriff?!"


Actually it is the Wolfswinkel Family that cost the taxpayers money, not Arpaio because the suit was frivilous and must be appealed.There were no legal abuses.

valleynative topcommenter

Joe's supporters will see this as more evidence of a conspiracy to get him out of office because he's so effective at battling illegal immigration, when in fact, of course, he's never been anything but a skilled showman, corrupt politician and incompetent administrator.


@JAFFY, I think that U R the bastard son of "Gin" brewsky and the Old Fool, that'd explain why U R so STUPID AND SCANDALOUS. The case was settled fuck face.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


Is that why Andy was disbarred for 5 years and refused to appeal the decision?

Or why he and your mentally sick hero cost county taxpayers $5 million?

You're just as delusional as Andy is JAF. Time for your meda JAF!

valleynative topcommenter


No appeal.  That's why they call it a "settlement".  The case is settled.  The county has agreed to pay.


danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan   are they on that list you keep promising to post? there are over 200,000 names you could have picked from already, where are they?

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