Will the Feds Ever Shut Down Arizona's Medical-Marijuana Dispensary Industry?

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The outside of Arizona Organix in Glendale.
As our colleague Ray Stern pointed out yesterday, it was not even a year ago that Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk declared the feds would shut down every medical-marijuana dispensary in Arizona "as it opens."

Stern called bull on Polk's claims at the time, and as you can tell at this point -- since dispensaries are opening, and all -- Polk was wrong.

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Since the first dispensary, Arizona Organix, opened late last year, more than a dozen dispensaries have opened their doors for business -- none of which have been shut down by federal authorities.

It's long been the argument of Arizona's medical-marijuana foes that the federal government says it's illegal, so it's definitely a no-go (a funny argument, coming from those who cry "state's rights" on every other issue).

So far, there's been nothing from the feds. Last year, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona issued a statement saying it would "follow Department of Justice policy on medical marijuana," which is that busting medical-marijuana patients "likely is not an efficient use of federal resources."

Do you think the feds will every shut down Arizona's medical-marijuana dispensaries?

Cast your vote below:

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Finally there will be a dispensary near my home where I can go get my meds up here in the NE valley next week. No more meeting ppl in parking lots or at their sketchy homes for meds. A friend of mine told me The Giving Tree Wellness Center will even do Grams which is great! I walked into a shop in Glendale a few weeks ago and all I walked out with was a $10 medible because they wouln't do anything less than a $60 1/8th which isn't always in my budget. Anyways I'm really excited and I know many other patients are too. I hope the Feds stay away and respect the will of the ppl.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Keep in mind that when Cali started theirs, it took a year before the feds started raiding them. It takes time for the fed to do the 'investigation'

Granted with 2 other states legalizing MJ for all use, not just medical, the game has changed and the fed may be concentrating more on them than states like AZ that are MMJ only right now, but still, IMHO it's going to be a while before we know if the feds are going to go after the ones in AZ or not.

I would love to get into this business, but I for one am going to wait a little longer to see what happens long term and what the FED response to WA and CO are

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

States' Rights? No. States' Wrongs. Anyway, the feds are hanging back just to see how this works out. If there are no significant problems, it'll be "hands off" forever. If these pot dispensaries start selling weed to the "general public" or other problems emerge, then they'll move to shut 'em down. If he dispensaries become a public safety issue, such as them being a gathering place for various types or undesirables, that may trigger action on their part as well. On the other hand, pot legalization is spreading. Look at CO and WA. The feds might just realize that this is an idea whose time has come.


Funny how our esteemed leadership tries to pass legislation (mostly about guns,and non existent UN conspiracies) openly defying federal law, BUT when it comes to using one of the oldest EFFECTIVE medicines, They're practically licking Obama's boots to rid us of the "scourge of marijuana."

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