Tucson Robber Disguised as Demon Is Exactly the Type of Person You Don't Want Sneaking Up Behind You

Pima County Sheriff's Department
Some scary asshole at an ATM.
Having a robber sneak up behind you with a knife while you're at an ATM is undoubtedly scary as hell.

If a robber sneaking up behind you with a knife looks like the guy in the photo above, we're guessing an involuntary bowel movement is the only logical reaction.

This guy tried to rob a woman at an ATM outside a Bank of America in Tucson last month, according to the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

A woman was trying to withdraw money from the drive-through ATM one night when this fellow showed up, holding a knife. He said something to the woman, but she doesn't understand English, so she doesn't know what he said, according to the Sheriff's Department.

The woman drove off (we assume with the gas pedal on the floor) as the goblin started pressing buttons on the ATM. He ended up getting away with a grand total of zero dollars, but the Sheriff's Department's still looking for him.

A spokesman for the PCSD describes the suspect as "a male individual with a light complexion and dark hair, wearing dark clothing and what looks like a green demon mask with purple horns."

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I think the mask worked a little too well.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

kinda looks like Jan Brewer.....anybody check her alibi?


Nothing better than Subway's packaged Guacamole, wink wink *_^


That's right across the street from Mountain View HS.


I think I was married to that guy.

Oh, wait....you said it was a MASK.

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