Trent Franks Does It Again: Abortion-Obsessed Congressman Submits Another Abortion Bill

Abortion-obsessed Congressman Trent Franks
There seems to be no end to Republican Congressman Trent Franks' fanaticism about abortion.

Again, Franks is proposing a bill that limits when women in Washington D.C. can get an abortion, a bill that he's proposed before, and a bill that's failed before -- just like every single other abortion bill he's proposed since he started, in 2003.

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The last time Franks decided that women in D.C. shouldn't be able to get an abortion past 20 weeks of pregnancy, people in Washington protested at his office, pointing out that D.C. is a little bit outside the congressman's district (by about 2,300 miles).

He came up well short of the votes needed to pass his bill out of the House, less than a year ago.

According to a brief report from the Associated Press, "[Franks], who introduced the bill, says it takes on new urgency following revelations from the trial of Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion doctor charged with killing babies after they were born alive. The District of Columbia has no criminal laws restricting abortion."

Of course, Franks has already submitted another abortion bill this year, which is the "Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act," another bill from Franks that has already failed in previous attempts.

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Absolutely useless. I used to argue with friends in Mohave County as I challenged them to tell me that Trent Franks was the most qualified person in the whole district for Congress.


Remember, it seems insanity is the default situation in Arizona politics. And in the insane clown posse that is the Republican primary, any form of insanity is possible. Just ask Governor Burton Barr. Remember, Thomas is also from the forced reproduction school of morality, along with the Glenn Beck conspiracy Hall of Fame.


Franks is a F-ing nutcase...

66rock topcommenter

How in the world did this one issue pro lifer get sent to Wasshington?  Good grief!


Another Pro Life  Republican, never mind the 100 of thousand Americans the poor and elderly and cancer patients who don't have a voice ie; lobbyist to protect their rights. Cuts in Headstart, Meals on Wheels and cancer treatments, and lets not forget the lottery system for our VETS to see who will get the care they need. Yep, they are pro-life all right - and sure need to be voted out of office beginning in 2014

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

If anyone should have been aborted, it's Trent Franks. He even looks like he's deformed. Good enough reason. 

valleynative topcommenter

Franks is a good argument for having more than two parties that have a chance of winning an election.

His policies on most topics are better than those of his Democratic opponents, but it hurts to vote for him because of his policy on abortion and other "Christian values".

valleynative topcommenter

@Reggievv  That's not the way the system is rigged.  The "most qualified" person is never chosen.  We put the Republican who is most popular with Republicans up against the Democrat who is most popular with Democrats, and then everybody has to choose between those two.

It's a really lousy way to do things if your goal is the get the single best person.

valleynative topcommenter

@66rock  He's not really one-issue, there's just one that he's irrationally obsessed about.

He's also strong on defense, and hasn't been opposed by anybody who was a better choice, over all.  His anti-abortion stance is a minority opinion in Congress these days, so it doesn't really do any harm.


@66rock By socking more than $100k of his own money into his first campaign. And the fact that the first AIRC handed him a nice juicy, solidly GOP Congressional district.

valleynative topcommenter

@MandyMountain @valleynative throwing your vote away is never good strategy. You always have to vote for whichever of the truly viable candidates is least bad. Fortunately, Franks tends to be so far from mainstream on abortion that he isn't likely to do any harm.

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