Teddy Jay Blair, Knife-Wielding Child-Porn Suspect, Gets Tased by Agents in Phoenix Raid

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Most suspected cyber-pervs give up quietly when authorities come knocking, judging from the many arrest reports we've read.

Teddy Jay Blair, 53, of Phoenix, put up some resistance during a Wednesday raid, records show, refusing to drop a knife and trying to run from agents.

An FBI agent discovered in March that Blair had been downloading and sharing child-porn videos on the GigaTribe file-sharing network, according to court records. After gathering enough evidence from Internet servers, agents served a warrant on Blair's Phoenix home.

Two agents burst through Blair's door and found him in the kitchen holding a knife, records state. When Blair wouldn't respond to commands to drop the weapon, one of the agents holstered his firearm and removed his Taser.

Blair broke for another room but was stopped short by a Taser strike to his back. He fell forward and hit his face, scraping his chin and nose. Because of the attempt to flee, a judge ordered Blair detained until trial.

The feds are seeking two charges against Blair: distributing child-porn and possessing it.

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I wish they would have just shot him, would have taken care of the problem permanently and saved the tax-payers a lot of money.


Totally read the headline as "Teddy Bear Tased..."

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Jay... JAFfy... hmm????


or do you think agents should have shook his hand instead. what did you expect would happen?


@Flyer9753 So you are defending the pervert?  Looks to me like this article is against him being tased but why?

Flyer9753 topcommenter


ROFL!!!! What a STUPID little troll you are.

Where in my comment does it say that? It doesn't.

Oh that's right, you are too stupid to be able to comprehend the english language.

I'm just thinking with the similarity in names, this is you, which would not surprise me Robert

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