Should the TSA Allow Small Knives on Airplanes?

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The Transportation Security Administration has decided that it's not quite ready to let people bring small knives and other objects onto airplanes.

Originally, the TSA decided to allow passengers to bring small folding knives on planes, as well as some sports equipment that's been banned since 9/11.

This change was supposed to be implemented later this week, but, for reasons not completely explained, the policy shift is being delayed.

So, before everyone at Sky Harbor (and elsewhere) is allowed to bring their small knives and hockey sticks on airplanes, let's take a poll -- should the small knives and sports equipment be allowed on planes?

Cast your vote below:

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When my dear Uncle, who has since passed on, was forced to give up the WWII GI can opener he had carried on his keychain for more than 50 years, it was clear we had stopped using reason in passenger screening and had taken a journey into the land of irrational fears.

This year about 30,000 Americans will die in traffic accidents, yet we go merrily on our way, texting, speeding, yapping, putting on our make-up, tailgating and drinking while driving.  Yet we are petrified that someone might pull a penknife out during a flight.

Eat one less fatty hamburger during your lifetime and you'll experience a greater improvement to your lifespan than banning pocket knives on airlines.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

The flying public has been used and abused enough already. Avoid confusion and leave things as they are now. Things are bad enough and allowing knives would create false hope that a state of normalcy will be restored... ever. Besides that, who needs a hunting knife during flight?

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Many years ago I was flying through Atlanta.  The was a sign at the entrance to the screening area that had pictures of items not allowed.  Among the items specifically prohibited was a chainsaw.  Forget about the prohibition against bringing aboard flammable liquids, I still wonder about the mindset of the person who attempted to carry on a chainsaw.

Abel Baker
Abel Baker

Of course they should... and goats and chickens too!


I think all passengers should be issued a Desert Eagle .50 cal. with two full clips, a K-Bar, and 3 fragmentation grenades.

Kid behind you kicking your seat?

Screaming babies?


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