Ron Barber Wants Less Pay for Congress, Says They Will Feel "Pain" at $140,000 Per Year

Congressman Ron Barber
Arizona Democratic Congressman Ron Barber wants members of Congress to "share the pain" with federal employees who've seen a reduction in pay or will be threatened with a reduction in pay due to budget cuts.

This "pain" apparently would be felt under Barber's proposal of a 20 percent reduction of Congress members' salaries, from $174,000 to $139,200.

"Congress failed to address sequestration, which threatens Border Patrol agents with salary cuts of up to 40 percent," a press release from Barber's office says. "It is only right that those of us in Congress share the pain of those agents, defense civilian employees and other federal employees who have been hit in their wallets because of Congress' failure to act."

Compare the "pain" Barber is proposing with the entry-level salary for Border Patrol employees -- $33,829, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

A cut to that salary doesn't make six figures sound like "pain" in any sense.

To Barber's credit, his attempt looks much better than that of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who opined that a pay cut for Congress would be inappropriate.

However, there's also this thing called the 27th Amendment, which means that Barber's proposal wouldn't even take effect until after the 2014 election.

Political posturing: B
Foresight: C+

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NWEng 1 Like

Yeah, good luck with that.  Politics is now a career field for those with no job skills, and they're not going to take a pay cut, you know, like regular people are often forced to do.  GED Jan would just be another unemployed x-ray tech if it weren't for all the suckers that fall for her "eating scorpions" schtick.  Instead, she's been accepting government paychecks for the last 30 years with no clue how to make a real living.

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