Phoenix Coyotes Don't Finish Last in the NHL in Attendance (but Do Finish Second-to-Last)

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The average attendance at Phoenix Coyotes games was higher this year than it has been since the 2008-2009 season.

Unfortunately for the Coyotes, that doesn't mean much -- Long Island is the only place in North America with an NHL team where fans show up in smaller numbers.

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The average attendance for Coyotes games at arena this year was 13,923, which barely beat the Islanders' attendance of 13,306.

Only one other team, Columbus, averaged fewer than 15,000 fans at home.

There were fewer games to attend this year due to the lockout that shortened the season, if that means anything either way. Last year, when the Coyotes won their division, and reached the conference finals in the playoffs, the Coyotes were dead last in attendance.

The Coyotes missed the playoffs this year, but they still have something in common with previous seasons -- the lack of an owner.

Remember some guy named Greg Jamison who swore up and down that he was going to be the new owner of the Coyotes? Yeah, that didn't happen.

So, yet again, some things don't change -- there's no owner, rumors of the Coyotes relocating, and attendance is poor.

That said, here's a hockey fight:

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Move them back to Downtown Phoenix and let Glendale eat it on


If the T.O. were allowed to build their casino near, that might help with Glendales $ woes.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Well, things will get much brighter when the new owners take over.  I'm guessing that will be about 2018 the way things are going.

66rock topcommenter

Four years now of hearing bad new about them.  When is someone going to admit that the Coyotes are a failure here and unload them as quickly as possible??  While they are at it, admit, powers that be, that the location of Glendale was a death blow for them and just learn from this way costly mistake.

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