Nina Koistinen, Accused of Killing 6-Day-Old Baby, Was the "Greatest Mother," Husband Says

Nina Koistinen was the "greatest mother," according to her husband.
The Phoenix mother who police say admitted to killing her 6-day-old baby girl was the "greatest mother," according to her husband.

Bradley Koistinen maintained that his wife, Nina Koistinen, did not kill their 6-day-old daughter Maya -- their eighth child -- as he described his wife's history of mental illness at her initial court appearance.

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Bradley Koistinen said his wife has a history of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression and said that his wife had been "deteriorating" in the days leading up to her alleged confession.

Police didn't arrest Koistinen after her initial interview with police but did after her second interview, conducted Thursday at Phoenix PD headquarters -- three days after Maya's death -- according to court documents obtained by New Times.

"During the interview, Nina admitted she smothered Maya because she thought she had too many kids already and she was jealous of the attention [her husband] was giving baby Maya," a probable-cause statement says. "The father . . . was put in the interview room with Nina and she admitted to him that she pinched Maya's nose, twisted, suffocated, and smothered baby Maya."

Bradley Koistinen, defending his wife, said she's "been mixed up before" when her medications aren't working well, including believing that her husband is God.

Koistinen claimed that the timeline provided by police doesn't add up, although he didn't mention specifics.

"She has been the greatest mother . . . to our kids, never once has hurt any of our kids," Koistinen said.

However, Child Protective Services had been involved with the Koistinen family before this.

Police cited CPS records, in which Nina Koistinen said she wanted her children "to go to heaven in a vehicle accident that appeared intentional, and also talked about "wanting to smother some of her children," according to court documents.

Koistinen's bond was set at $1 million at this court hearing.

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Really? I say off with the losers head at once!

66rock topcommenter

Wait a minute, he knew her "history of mental illness" yet had brought another human into the world with her.  There are no words!!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

The girl's dad had to know that leaving her in the mom's care was a recipe for disaster. Just like Andrea Yates' husband, he ignored all the signs that her mental illness would result in tragedy. For that reason, he should face charges in court that he deliberately ignored the many warning signs that she might kill the child.


@66rock Channel 5 reported that this chick and her husband belonged to some wack-a-doodle church which preaches that using any birth control--or trying in any way to limit the number of children you have--is a sin. A former member of the church is quoted is saying that the church is just as guilty as this woman and her husband are for this baby's death--they all knew the woman was mentally unstable, yet did nothing to stop her from having another baby that she obviously did not want and was incapable of raising. Apparently that "be fruitful and multiply" thing was more important than a woman's mental health, and now they all have the blood of a dead baby on their hands. They pastor of the church as much as admitted it, saying that if god had wanted this woman to stop having babies, he would have "closed her womb." Sick, sick, sick. All of them. And people wonder why I walked away from religion and will never go back...wise up, ladies! In the eyes of the "true believers," you are nothing but baby-making factories!!!


@eric.nelson745 Do you know anyone with schizophrenia/bipolar/depression? Do you have the slightest clue what it's like inside the mind of someone like that? Ever stop to think that maybe she didn't really do it and it is her illness talking? "Schizophrenia: is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what is real and not real; Think clearly; Have normal emotional responses; Act normally in social situations." Every mother that loses a child goes through guilt and someone with schizo/bipolar/depression simply cannot mentally handle that stress and may say things they didn't do. The article says "possible signs of suffocation" if she really did pinch and twist her nose smother and suffocate her wouldn't there be obvious signs? Innocent until proven guilty yet everyone is so quick to believe what they read the media telling them. She obviously has serious mental issues that were not under control ... either way. 


Why do you care if they want to practice religion or how they believe? There is such a thing in america as freedom, including freedom to practice a religion of your choice. It sounds like this woman is very ill and she may or may not have killed her baby but I don't quite get how her religion made her kill the baby. I have 5 kids, not because of religion but because I love kids. I cannot imagine only having one or two kids. I grew up an only child and I feel very deprived of the bond that I see between my kids. I would say if they want to have 10 or 15 kids, more power to them.

valleynative topcommenter

@ThinkOutsideTheMedia  Whether or not she is actually guilty, it was child endangerment to leave the baby with her.

Do you disagree?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@ThinkOutsideTheMedia I like the way you're defending her. And her husband. Both are acting just like the Yateses. She, crazy as the day is long. He, completely unconcerned that leaving the kids in her care was a tragedy just waiting to happen. And do you remember what Russell Yates said as his murderous wife was being led away? He said he wanted to remarry and have more kids. They should have cut his balls off.

ExpertShot topcommenter

@ThinkOutsideTheMedia Yahoos like nelson are quick to throw away our constitutional rights Think.  These right wing knuckleheads don't have a brain in their heads.  Why, in one day, Fox news advocated to repeal 12 of our constitutions protections!


@skysurfer68 just because here in America we have freedom from religion it doesn't mean we have to accept other people's ferry-tails 

ExpertShot topcommenter

@eric.nelson745 @ExpertShot @ThinkOutsideTheMedia You just advocated the elimination of the right to privacy - facing charges for what?  Failing to disclose information within the marital community?  Incriminate himself?  These are rights guaranteed under our Constitution - you do not have testify against your spouse and you do not have to incriminate  yourself.  

Sorry but that's covered under the privacy rights provisions of the US Constitution.  But, yet you want to jettison that right in this case (which would set a precedent for all future cases)!  You're just not using your brain.

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