Michael Cohn's "I Just Killed My Wife" 911 Call Released by Scottsdale Police

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Michael Cohn
The audio of the 911 call placed a couple of weeks ago by 61-year-old Scottsdale resident Michael Cohn, informing the dispatcher that he just killed his wife, has been released by police.

As it was explained in a court filing, Cohn seemed extremely calm after he'd just killed his wife of more than 26 years, Linda, and that's confirmed by the audio.

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As you can hear in the audio above, Cohn told a 911 operator that he'd just killed his wife at their home near Bell Road and Thompson Peak Parkway in North Scottsdale and that her body was on the second floor of their house.

The operator asked whether paramedics could come into the house to treat his wife, but Cohn said it was "too late."

Cohn repeatedly was asked what had happened, but he said nothing for a while.

Eventually, he replied, "I strangled her."

Again, Cohn was asked whether his wife needed paramedics and, again, Cohn said it was too late.

The dispatcher was persistent, asking whether Cohn was sure, and whether paramedics could go in the home.

Cohn replied, "You can try."

The dispatcher asked Cohn whether he would give his wife CPR if they gave him instructions on how to do it, and he just said that her tongue was hanging out of her mouth.

By the time officers arrived, Cohn simply opened the front door and was detained.

Cohn, who had blood on his shirt, told police "that he had strangled his wife with his bare hands and that she had been dead for about an hour," according to court documents previously obtained by New Times.

Officers found Linda dead on the floor in a bathroom, but she was still warm to the touch. Linda's neck was discolored and blood was dripping from her nose and right eye.

News reports stated that Linda was a psychologist in Scottsdale, but it turns out that Michael is a licensed psychologist, too.

His license is listed as inactive, and it appears that he hasn't been practicing for a number of years. The person who brought this to our attention, who asked that we not use her name, described Michael as a "warm and wonderful human being" when he counseled her about two decades ago.

Cohn's bond was set last week at $1 million on a charge of first-degree murder.

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Ted Meyer
Ted Meyer

very sad to listening to that


What a scumbag, I hope he goes to prison and gets strangled and just before passing out they let go and do it over and over again to him.


@JustDoIt  You have no idea what you're talking about.  He is a good man who is ill.  You know nothing about him or this situation. 


@tuck13 @JustDoIt I know his wife went thru a horrible death at the hands of this man and he is not insane and did it of his own free will and that's called murder.


@tuck13 @JustDoIt you are wrong 3itch the fact a lot of murderers are at one time good people and not sick makes no difference, murder is murder and his wife suffered severely, being strangled like that is by far one of the worst deaths possible to endure and I can only hope he endures it over and over again and suffers dearly.

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