Luis Gonzales Murillo Busted with 13 Pounds of Cocaine in Duffel Bags: Dimwit or Mastermind?

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Customs and Border Patrol arrested a man who just tossed his cocaine into a duffel bag in the backseat of his car in an attempt to smuggle it across the border.  

Luis Gonzales Murillo, 33, is a Mexican national from the state of Sonora, and allegedly tried to drive the drugs across the border in his Volkswagen near the Nogales port of entry. Officers found the 13 pounds of cocaine stashed in two overnight bags. 

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Authorities put the value of the five bricks of cocaine at $118,000.  

Gonzales gets high marks for effort and enthusiasm, but we're scoring him low on planning and creativity. Every day smugglers tear apart cars to hide contraband in the panels, engine compartments and tires. They launch it over the border with catapults, drop it from planes, burrow it through tunnels. Come on, Gonzales. A duffel bag? 

But maybe that's what he was going for. Oh no, sir, that's just my gym clothes. Crazy like a fox.

Authorities say he was turned over to ICE's Homeland Security Investigations.
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Just a plain retard that's all this guy is.


any amount of drugs should be punished by life in jail.


"Authorities put the value of the five bricks of cocaine at $118,000." I, however, put it's value at less than zero. Unless they sell it, it has no value. It has only costs associated with processing, storage, and so forth. Let's get real about this valuation of seized drugs charade.  


@tangible When they put the criminal members of the US government behind bars for life for having their hands in the drug trade, then your comment might have some merit.  By the way, Eli Lilly, Merck, and a plethora of other corporations are the REAL big time drug peddlers, and nothing ever happens to them.


@MandyMountain A golden nugget has zero value unless I sell it, it has no purpose for me but it has for many...Get real! 

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