Ladajianna Mosely, 15, Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of Sister's 17-Year-Old Boyfriend

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Ladajianna Mosely
The 15-year-old Tolleson girl charged with murder, as an adult, for allegedly shooting and killing her sister's 17-year-old boyfriend has pleaded not guilty.

Ladajianna Mosely -- who was born in 1997 -- told police she thought she had unloaded the .45-caliber handgun she and two others had just recently stolen after breaking into a neighbor's home, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

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To her apparent surprise, after removing the magazine, the gun still discharged after she pointed the firearm at the chest of her sister's boyfriend, 17-year-old Raymond Berryman, and pulled the trigger.

Mosely told police that Berryman said not to point the gun at him because it was loaded just before she pulled the trigger, according to court documents.

Now, Mosely's charged with second-degree murder and burglary (nearly 60 percent of New Times readers agreed with the decision to charge her as an adult).

Mosely told police that she, Berryman, and 16-year-old Pedro Sanchez (also referred to as Pedro Palacios in court filings) had kicked in the side door of a house on March 19, not too far from Mosely's house, near 83rd Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.

They "ransacked" the home, according to Mosely, stealing items including three guns -- a shotgun, a .45-caliber handgun, and a revolver.

The three of them went back to Mosely's house and started "playing" with the guns -- like when she removed the magazine from the .45-caliber handgun and pointed it at Berryman before pulling the trigger.

Berryman ran out of the house then collapsed on the street. Berryman, a Tolleson Union High School student, was pronounced dead at a hospital less than an hour later.

According to court documents, Sanchez and Mosely decided they would tell police that Berryman was the victim of a drive-by shooting and she would hide the guns in a bathroom in her house.

Mosely fessed up after being taken to Phoenix PD headquarters, according to the documents. Mosely's sister, who was dating Berryman, told police that she asleep in her room on the second floor of the home when her boyfriend was shot and didn't know what was going on, saying she was awoken by the gunshot.

With Mosely's plea of not guilty, her next court date is scheduled for May 21.

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This is sad for the boy who died. Why weren't these kid's in school and where were the parents? That's the problem now days no parental guidence or supervision, these kids run around doing whatever the hell they want to do.


The ONLY way you can be charged with murder is as an adult.  What else would you charge her with?  Look at the case, she broke into a home and stole firearms, she then shot her friend even though he warned her the gun was loaded, and then after the shooting she didn't lift a finger to help her dying friend and then lied to the police to blame someone else!  She deserves her day in court, but if she is guilty of these actions she deserves to do the time for murder.

croft53 Old White guy shoots his wife in the head,  on purpose,   he walks and is lauded as some kind of hero as he recounts the murder for the news crew.

        A 15 yeqar old black girl shoots her sisters boyfriend ,  by all accounts accidentely,   and she is charged with second degree murder as an adult???

            And the public would like to see her locked up for a long time......what is wrong with this picture.


Sister can do the crime, she can do adult time. See you in twenty love.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

..."they would tell police that Berryman was the victim of a drive-by shooting,"... Like anyone would believe that fairy tale for one second. She needs to just fess up and agree to spend the next six years in juvie. That's the best deal she's gonna get. Her momma might be screamin' and hollerin' about it, but the fact remains that she cold-bloodedly killed another human being.


@croft53 Out of curiosity, who is the "old white guy" you are referring to?



She isn't going to "juve", she's being tried as an adult and is going to head off to the big house.  No great loss to society, except for the cost of keeping her locked up.  She decided being a criminal was cool, now she can face the consequences of her choice.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@marcy @eric.nelson745 I didn't know that they're trying her as an adult. It seems premature to do that as she's only 15. Life in the slammer? Again, I think that's a bit premature. But she definitely should be given plenty of time to think about what she did.


@marcy Are you going to advocate for eugenics too, marcy, or just leave your post at that?

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