Jodi Arias Trial: Judge Denies Defense Request to Sequester Jury; Damning Video of Arias' Parents; Booted Juror Watches Trial From Courtroom

juror five twitter pic.JPG
Image: Court pool camera, as posted on Twitter by ABC-15 News.
Juror #5, sporting her pink and blue hair, was booted from the jury panel on Tuesday but returned to the courtroom on Thursday as an observer.
The most interesting developments in the sensational trial of man-killer Jodi Arias this week had nothing to do with the boring, skepticism-inducing testimony by a domestic-violence expert.

Two other key events had the public's attention: The booting of Juror #5 from the jury panel and her subsequent return to the courtroom today as a trial watcher; and the release of a video showing Arias' parents being interviewed in 2008 by police.

The video, fascinating in itself because of the way the 32-year-old murder defendant's parents describe her "mental problems," appears to have also spurred defense attorney Kirk Nurmi to ask the judge to sequester the jury for the remainder of the trial.

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arias sandi video.JPG
Image: Mesa police interview footage.
Sandy Arias, Jodi's mom, talks about her daughter's mental problems and her lies about a trip to Arizona during a 2008 interview with Mesa police in a recently released video.
"It is a fairy tale to assume that this jury is not hearing any of this. It is all over the news, be it local or national," Nurmi told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens today, ABC News reports.

Judge Stephens denied his request, which came two days after Stephens agreed with Nurmi to boot Juror #5 from the trial, possibly for being impartial.

The details of why the juror was ousted were sealed, but a motion by Arias' lawyers accuses her of making statements in front of other jurors that amounted to misconduct. In a good scoop by ABC-15 News, (KNXV-TV), a court record was discovered that detailed a February 23rd complaint left on Judge Stephens' voicemail about the juror.

"The one with multi-colored hair is attempting to coach Arias from the jury box. She shakes her head no, no, no to tell Jodi not to answer a question," the caller said.

At least one juror, it now appears, is sympathetic toward the young killer who's facing a possible death sentence.

Juror #5, whose name hasn't been revealed, told ABC News in a written statement that she would say nothing to the news media until the trial's over.

Today, in an unexpected move that sparked an explosion of Twitter reports, the juror with pink and blue hair returned to the courtroom galley as a visitor, at one point drawing a look from Arias.

Arias-watchers will find the video of Arias' parents a must-see. According to the Huffington Post report, the police video was first obtained by HLN. It was released to the news station by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, that office confirms.

Arias' dad tells Mesa police in his interview that his daughter was very secretive about her personal life.

Sandy Arias explains that her daughter had mental issues, describing how she'd be ebullient during one part of the day, but an hour or so later might be crying and upset over something.

One of the most damning parts of the interview video comes when Sandy Arias relates how -- after ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander's decomposing body was discovered -- she'd asked her daughter if she'd gone to see him.

"No," her daughter told her. "I was nowhere near Arizona and I have the gas receipts to prove it."

What an odd thing to say -- if Arias was innocent of premeditated murder. That was back when she was sticking to her original story to police -- namely, that she wasn't even in the state when Alexander was killed.

arias jodi looks back at juror 5.JPG
Image: Court pool camera, as posted on Twitter by RobynD323.
Jodi Arias looks back toward the courtroom galley at Juror #5, the woman who was booted from the jury panel on Tuesday and who reportedly has some sympathy for the accused murderer.

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Cris Cross
Cris Cross

maybe thats why #5 came back the next day to watch. so she could coach her from the stands..

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I pity that jury. They're the pawns in this charade. The judge declaring a mistrial might not be a bad idea.

Karen Roller-Penn
Karen Roller-Penn

I hate that we are paying so much for this trial. Self defense? Please, she planned this murder. Her actions speak, hopefully for the jurors, louder than her lies. I feel for the family of Travis. Jodi didn't just kill him, she has destroyed his reputation.


This juror can get ready to take a seat next to jodi and la violette as the 3 rd most hated women in america. What a feminist bunch of ignorant women. Don't get me wrong I'm a women and I'm all for women rights however not when the case involves exploiting your position as a women to automatically persecute an dead man with not even one iota of proof supporting the claim he was a women beater and pedophile, just look at the autopsy pictures. If only he could talk and defend himself.

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