It's Already Hit 100 Degrees in Phoenix

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A photograph of a typical summer day in Phoenix.
Winter's over -- the temperature was 100 degrees at Sky Harbor Airport yesterday.

According to the National Weather Service, it hit 100 at 1:15 p.m. yesterday, April 28, which is only slightly earlier than usual.

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The NWS says over the last 30 years, the temperature hits 100 degrees in Phoenix on May 2, on average.

Of course, Valley residents would know that 100 degrees is kids' stuff -- when it hits 110 degrees is when it starts getting real, and starts approaching 120 degrees in the summer.

Still, it's quite the improvement over January, when, for a few days, Anchorage, Alaska was warmer than Phoenix.

The NWS says the 100-degree plus temperatures are only lasting through Tuesday, for now.

See the map below of places you'd rather, or rather not, be.


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Phoenix has been under heavy Chemical spraying otherwise it would be much, much Hotter.

Look up people our Government is spraying phony cloud cover either heavy or light 24/7 as a false ozone layer to reduce/control the U.V. index.

The filthy white dust/fallen residue you see all aroud is the wonderful Chemicals which we live in.

How about a little Honesty from our Government "Of, by, and for The People"?!

Millions have died from the adverse Health effects of the atmospheric Chemical Spray.

We blindly donate to find the elusive "Cure" as for many years our Government sprayed the very "Cause"

To: Government Transperancy?!.

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