Is Carson Palmer the Answer to the Arizona Cardinals' Quarterback Carnival?

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Carson Palmer
The Arizona Cardinals landed quarterback Carson Palmer in a trade, which sounds way, way better than the prospect of Drew Stanton being the Cards' top QB.

Though Palmer appears to be an improvement on the surface, he might not be the one who ends the Cards' quarterback carnival.

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Since Palmer's first NFL season, in 2004, he's had two winning seasons as a quarterback, with the last one being the 2009 season in Cincinnati.

He's never had Larry Fitzgerald to throw to, but look how well that's worked out for the last gang of doofuses under center for the Cardinals.

Also consider how the Cardinals' last quarterback from USC worked out -- Matt Leinart.

Matt Leinart (center).

In the post-Kurt Warner era, there was Leinart. There was Derek Anderson, John Skelton, and Max Hall. Then Kevin Kolb, then Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer. And they were all thoroughly disappointing.

Soak all that in, reflect on the past couple of years, and decide -- is Carson Palmer the answer to the Cardinals' quarterback carnival?

Cast your vote below:

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Hector Joe Mora
Hector Joe Mora

Let's see if he gets crunched in the first quarter, then he will be out the rest of the season.

Francisco Cortez
Francisco Cortez

He's from the Raiders, why do you have an old Cinci pic? And NO! he is not the answer.


The Cards have been in the Valley 24 years and their record is 3 winning seasons, 3 .500 seasons and 18 losing seasons. Losing 75% of their games over 24 years is much more than a quarterback issue. It means that the fundamental problem is the ownership and management of the team. Here's the problem right here: William V. Bidwill - Chairman and Owner Michael J. Bidwill - President William V. Bidwill Jr. - Vice President. As long as the only criteria for hiring Senior Executives at the Cardinals is that their last name be Bidwill, the team is going to suck. The good news is that the highest ranking team exec whose name isn't Bidwill is Ron Minegar who joined the Cardinals from Disney Sports. So you have 3 clowns in the 3 most senior positions and then someone with experience managing clowns and characters (sorry, "cast members") in the 4th most senior position. And why isn't this team winning?


I'll agree the Bidwell's have a checkered past but an ownership change isn't something that's likely to happen.

There can be some parallels drawn between Palmer and Warner but Warner's 2 Super Bowl rings aren't one of them.  Palmer had some great years in Cinci with a strong supporting cast (never was a big Chad Johnson fan myself) and a coach I like.  He also racked up some decent stats last year, albeit on a team with a crappy defense.  So, I'm willing to give a little leeway here and see how this works out.  But, I'm not expecting another Warner resurrection.

He's got one or two years, at best, left in him.  Let him mentor Stanton and provide some leadership for an offense that had none last year.  At the same time, use the draft picks we have on an O line and maybe a sleeper RB (Mendenhall is sketchy).

The more I think about it, the more I think the Cards actually made a good move, when you look at everything.

WhoKnows topcommenter

The constant in the on going "Cards Carnival" has been the ownership.  Sell the Cards to a reasonable owner, and things will change.



Let me correct one thing, it is absolutely false that the only criteria for hiring Senior Execs at the Cards is that their last name be Bidwell.  It is also a requirement that they be male.



The only way that happens if is the fans wise up and stop giving the Bidwells money.

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