Is Anyone Buying Rickesha Burns' Explanation of How Her Vibrator Ended Up in Her 2-Year-Old Son's Anus?

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Rickesha Burns
The Phoenix woman accused of shoving a vibrator into her 2-year-old son's anus has pleaded not guilty to charges in the case, and we're wondering if there's anyone out there buying her excuse.

Rickesha Burns, 21, called police about two weeks ago, reporting that her son was bleeding from his anus but said she didn't know exactly what happened.

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She said she was at a park with her son that day, March 24, and while she was "looking at a text message for about 10 seconds," a boy she didn't know at the park did "something" to her son, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

"She said she does not know what he did but is sure he did something," a probable-cause statement says.

The boy was brought to Phoenix Children's Hospital, and doctors discovered that he had numerous bruises around his anus, a "hanger-type" bruise on his hip, and yet another bruise on his neck.

Doctors also found an object lodged in his rectum, which appears to be "a vibrator or some other sex toy."

Police interviewed Burns, who still claimed that a teenage boy at a park did it, even though she "believes it is her vibrator," and police found the boy's blood on her shirt, according to court documents.

A Phoenix police spokesman said there was zero evidence that the boy was assaulted at the park.

Burns' son needed to have surgery to get the vibrator removed, according to court documents.

Now, try to keep an open mind here, and tell us, is there any possible way you could buy Burns' excuse here?

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all i want to know is please tell me the baby boy is not in her custody:(


Nope not buying that fairytale story, she's GUILTY AS CHARGED she need to seek SERIOUS HELP May jesus have mercy on her sole that poor baby I pray he heels from the mental & physical abuse...

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Perhaps Rickesha secretly wants to be a Catholic Priest?


She needs her Vjj sewed up and put in Prison .. That Poor child is going to have life long Problems Thanks to His Jacked up Mother.  .I hope she gets Jail time and Take that Child Away from her I hope she Does not have any other kids ... 


This story has me very sick, I feel for that child, and hope it can be placed where it grow with love and new happiness. As for the mother, she needs serious help and jail time!


she must be a graduate of the Jennifer Barnes School for Sodomizing Your Kids.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Do you think she's guilty and does a bear shit in the woods? She admit that it was her sex toy. She must make a point of taking it with her wherever she goes. She saw the suspicious teenager but didn't actually see him jamming the vibrator in her son's keister. And the crime occurred in the span of ten seconds. When she's found guilty, the judge should order a complete hysterectomy along with at least ten years in Perryville.


Doesn't make sense to be angry at this young 21 yr old mother when SHE and her child obviously were both victims of abuse & sodomy. No telling how far back this cycle went on in their family.  When this happens to babies by their own guardians at a very young age, the cycle is even harder to break b/c their abusers were their own protectors. Therefore, the victim in turn protects the abuser. Those that have no education in Child Psychology or Human Development have to remember a child's mind is under developed & has to work w/ whatever is put in it. Like a sponge, it absorbs & holds on to what it's been repititiously taught. So parental figures whose responsibility were to nurture these young victims also taught these children to connect love & security to pain and abuse. Once separated from their abusers, they enter into society & hear it's wrong. But the same society teaches its shameful to seek help for sexual issues. Or maybe they find it hard to tell on their own parents. Imagine trying to fake normality while carrying luggage like that around?? When a connection that was made to the abuse is triggered, their ability to refrain is no different from our ability to refrain from eating. Why?? B/c victims abused by their own parents, connect the abuse to feelings of security and love.

shadeaux14 topcommenter

As piss poor a job Arizona does at protecting it's children (Start with Colorado City), I.m surprised Arizona isn't the "go to " place for child abusers from all over the country.


she was role playing - pretending to be sheriff Joe playing "hide the banana" with @JoeArpaioFan


@jailless1 You are so WRONG. If she was abused then that should have made her protect her own child that much more. She just needs to be thrown in jail and left there so she can't hurt another innocent child.


@jailless1 I know what it means to be abuse by a don't HAVE to continue the cycle. It's a choice. No matter what you are taught and what you learn it is a choice to sexually abuse a child. Don't make excuses for her. She needs help but she also needs to be kept away from children.

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