Heath Bell's First Pitch With the Diamondbacks Was a Homer That Smacked a Lady in the Face

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A homer off Heath Bell hitting a lady in the face.
Among the things Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers took some heat for this off-season was trading for 35-year-old reliever Heath Bell (and the remainder of his gigantic contract) after a miserable season pitching for the Miami Marlins.

Bell's debut with the Diamondbacks Tuesday night could not have gotten much worse -- his very first pitch was a home run that smacked a lady square in the face, and a guy who appeared to be this woman's husband cowered behind her.

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Check out the video below of the 440-foot blast to center off Bell by the St. Louis Cardinals' Pete Kozma (his third career homer, and the man who gets scared by the ball that hits his apparent wife:

And here's the breakdown (thanks to MLB.com):







While contemplating whether this was more embarrassing for Bell or the guy whose wife got hit in the face, Bell proceeded to walk the next batter, then give up a homer to Jon Jay (his 19th career home run), before giving up a double to Matt Carpenter, striking out Matt Holiday, and giving up a single to Allen Craig -- a slight victory for Bell on the embarrassment scale.

Bell was then pulled from the game, starting off his season with an earned-run average of 81.00, as the D-backs lost to the Cardinals by a score of 6-1.

As erstwhile D-backs color analyst Mark Grace would say, Thanks fer nothin'.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

This is why baseball is a LOT more interesting live.  You always have to keep an eye on the ball or it may HIT you in the eye!


One more thing, Joe Cleary pitched exactly 1/3rd of an inning in the major leagues.  It was his debut that he was nailed for 7 runs, he never pitched again in the majors.


Heath's 81 ERA isn't that bad, in 1945 Joe Cleary gave up 7 runs while only getting one batter out for an ERA of 189.   Of course Heath probably could have smashed that record if the Diamondbacks had just left him in the game a bit longer.


The good news for Heath, they don't keep records for worst ERA unless you pitch at least 60 innings in a season and at this pace Heath won't get there.


Definitely more embarassing for the dude in the stands.  What type of red-blooded American male, at a baseball game, doesn't make a play for the ball.  Not because it's going to hit his wife in the face (although that too) but because you sit in those sits hoping all game to get a chance to make a play on a homerun ball.  And then throw it back if the wrong team hit it.  Basic baseball etiquestte 101.  How embarassing for both the dude and the Diamondbacks that this is how their fans represent the team.

Sandy Yost
Sandy Yost

tell me again why did they sign Heath Bell??

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