Glendale Police Find "Spice" Lab in the Back of a Convenience Store

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Glendale PD
Shelves full o' spice.
Glendale police found what appeared to be a lab for manufacturing the substance known as "spice" in the back of a convenience store.

Arizona Department of Revenue officers were doing a routine inspection of Pronto Mart, near 59th Avenue and Missouri, and found some sort of manufacturing process going on in the back, according to the Glendale PD.

The Glendale PD's special-investigations unit started looking into it and, after getting a search warrant, seized about 6,000 vials of the substance known as "spice."

Police found that they weren't exactly making the spice from scratch but were spraying a green herb-like substance with the mind-altering chemical that makes the substance "spice."

Google Maps
Pronto Mart

The Glendale PD says the store manager, 39-year-old Abrahim Sayegh, said they had been purchasing the herb from California and the chemical, "AKB," from China for the past six months.

Police say Sayegh admitted to selling the spice to other stores, as well as online.

Pictures of the back room show there were quite a few brand names they were apparently manufacturing, including "24 Karat" and "Amsterdam Fanatic."

Glendale PD

Glendale PD

Glendale PD cited the new anti-spice and "bath salts" law, House Bill 2327, which seems to make it a lot easier for cops to go after people they think are selling the substances. Instead of banning the exact substances to make spice -- of which there are perhaps thousands, some of which haven't even been discovered yet -- the bill bans the "backbone" of certain chemicals.

All the spice in the store was seized, and Sayegh was arrested on drug charges.

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Alexander Phillip Jones
Alexander Phillip Jones

Good for Glendale PD making this bust. This shit is SO bad for you and it ruined a friends life from the addiction. By the way your website SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Rate-McIntyre
James Rate-McIntyre

Haha, yeahhh... "Possible Attack Site." I can't open the article because of that, but you DO realize that Spice and Bath Salts aren't the same thing, right?

Matt Turkington
Matt Turkington

your website has more aids than magic johnson - my browsers, firefox & chrome won't even let me go to your site because it's so infected :/


@ENDREPSANDDEMS no, liberals are into natural things like cannabis.

it's you GOP freaks the want a completely unregulated public market.

this is capitalism at it's best.

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