Eugene Maraventano Thought He Gave His Wife HIV and Believed His Son Was Handicapped, So He Killed Them Both, He Says

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Eugene Maraventano
Eugene Maraventano, a 64-year-old Goodyear resident, told police this weekend that he stabbed his wife and son to death and failed to kill himself after multiple tries over the course of the next four days.

"I killed my wife and I killed my son; I can't kill myself," Maraventano told a 911 dispatcher, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Maraventano told the dispatcher that he stabbed them both to death and added that his wife had cancer, according to the documents.

Police arrived at the house and found Maraventano covered with blood and with wounds to his chest. He was taken to a hospital, and police found the bodies of his wife and son in different rooms of the house.

Maraventano was interviewed at the hospital, where he started by saying he used to live in New York, where he "frequented with prostitutes." He thought he may have contracted HIV or another disease and passed it on to his wife, Janet.

Janet started to get sick recently, so Maraventano thought his wife might have had cancer or possibly something he gave her. Since tests showed she didn't have cancer, that only left one option, in Maraventano's mind -- though it's not clear why he told the dispatcher that his wife had cancer.

Maraventano said he made the decision to kill his wife about two weeks ago. He'd debated using a knife or buying a gun. He settled on the knife, even though, he said, he's "not a violent person," according to court documents.

Four days earlier, while his wife was sleeping, he finally acted, stabbing her twice, he said.

Maraventano also decided to kill his son, Bryan, because he "plays video games all day, has no girlfriend, and must be handicap[ped] because he can't get a job."

Maraventano went down the hallway and knocked on Bryan's door. When Bryan answered, Maraventano stabbed him twice.

Over the next four days, Maraventano tried a few ways of killing himself.

First, he cut his wrist. Then he tried to suffocate himself with a plastic bag, even taping it to his face. Next, he put a knife handle against the wall and tried to push his chest into the blade.

"None of which worked," notes a probable-cause statement submitted by police.

Eventually, Maraventano called police and let 'em know what he did.

Police also recovered a suicide note, addressed to his oldest son, in which Maraventano wrote that he had killed his wife and younger son.

Maraventano faces two counts of first-degree murder.

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This is such a crazy story! I am so curious about his wife and son who died. What were their lives like before they were killed? Clearly this guy is seriously mentally ill. It is really sad - the whole episode. I wish we knew more. Hopefully there is a follow up story as more is revealed in court.


Wow - you mean something OTHER THAN A GUN can KILL someone?

We'd better BAN ALL KNIVES.  We have to keep our children SAFE.  We need to do it for the CHILDREN. As for the wife, well, from the feminist point of view it is a HATE CRIME.

Seriously, it's as  silly as banning guns.  It is the MENTAL STATE the needs to b.e looked at.  The OBJECT USED is unimportant.  Besides MORE PEOPLE ARE MURDERED WITH KNIVES than GUNS.  THAT is a national stat.


It's time to rethink letting people buy knives without a background check

Candice Hudson
Candice Hudson

If that's the case, many of us have retarded sons.

Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams

im sure somebody out there would love to kill him for him.


His son was just lazy like alot of people in that age group.   He was the crazy one; he thought he might have given her HIV, but instead of telling her to go get tested, I will just kill her.  He looks like a true Psycho, and probably is.  At least he used the weapon of choice this week for adults who are derranged and going on stabbig sprees (The KNIFE);  it is only four year olds that are still using their parents guns to kill with this week.  If parents killed their children because they do not have a job, a girlfriend and only play video games all day there would be a lot of this happening; seems people between the age of 18 and 38 do not believe you have to work to survive; just live off someone else.


sounds like J.D.Morrison describing "THE END"!


"He debated between using a knife, or going to buy a guy, "

I've never tried to use a guy as a weapon.  Is it effective?



Yes lets' IGNORE that MENTAL PROBLEMS this guy has.  We must now ban ALL KNIVES and make sure the UN also BANS ALL KNIVES and creates a universal database keeping track of this.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


Please don't insult the Doors, Jim and the song "The End" by comparing them to this fool.


hehehe....I'm glad you fixed it, Matt, but I'm also glad I had time to make the joke.  ;)

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