Douglas Earl Leach of Peoria to Serve Two to Four Years in Federal Prison for Child Porn

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The feds are bringing another child-porn watcher to justice with the recent guilty plea of Arizona resident Douglas Earl Leach.

When Leach's Peoria home was raided on September 5, 2012, following an FBI investigation, agents found nearly 4,000 child-porn pictures, mostly of young boys engaged in sex acts. At least one of the pictures depicted children in "sadistic and/or masochistic conduct."

Federal prosecutors got Leach, 65, to plead guilty on April 12 to possessing one of the images: a picture of two prepubescent boys having anal sex.

Leach will get two to four years in prison at his upcoming sentencing hearing, scheduled for July 15.

Reach by phone at his home today, Leach had no comment on his case.

Federal agents targeted Leach as part of investigation into a Yahoo e-mail account belonging to an unidentified person, records state. In a search of the account, agents found several e-mails with attached child-porn pictures sent from "David Baca."

They traced the account back to Leach, who ended up admitting the Baca account was maintained solely by him.

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Siko pervert's sentence should be at least life in prison, not a slap on the wrist with 2 to 4 years.

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