Did Lawmakers Screw the Pooch on Colorado City?

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Despite all the denials, the FLDS border towns of Colorado City and Hildale on the Utah/Arizona border still aren't up to par on the American way of life.

Even after recent reports of more horrific animal abuse (even more recently than we'd previously thought), and the reports that as many as 60 surveillance cameras allow church personnel to keep an eye on anyone in town, the state Legislature doesn't feel like doing a damn thing about it.

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As regular readers of this blog would know, Republican Representative Michelle Ugenti proposed a bill this year -- similar to legislation proposed last session -- calling for local police departments to be dissolved if half of its police officers had their licenses taken away over the course of eight years. That happens to fit the description of the Marshal's Office in Colorado City and Hildale.

Colorado City previously was patrolled only by the Marshal's Office, which is believed to be loyal to Jeffs instead of the law, at least, according to Attorney General Tom Horne and a federal lawsuit from the the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. The Mohave County Sheriff's Office now does patrols on top of the Marshal's Office, but it's relying on money from Horne's office to do so.

In all likelihood, the bill is dead this session, too. A neutered version of the bill passed the House -- as Representative Doris Goodale wouldn't explain her "no" vote on the bill to New Times or one of her fellow lawmakers -- but the bill wasn't even heard in the Senate.

CNN was on the case when almost the same exact thing happened last year, too.

With all this, the Leg' does nada.

This morning's question: did lawmakers likely screw the pooch on this one?

Cast your vote below:

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The Politicians in Arizona are too cowardly to do anything which might piss off the Cult of Mormon.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I'm curious as to what is the legal basis for establishment of a law enforcement agency that patrols cities in TWO states? Has this happened anywhere else? Is it a joint-powers authority? WTF?

Cris Cross
Cris Cross

They pass every law that sucks. Even slip in a few to the ones we need. They are out for their own. They don't work for us. They work for as much money as they can get. No matter how idiotic they feel the need to be.


the don't care when their friends abuse tax money, they get upset at social welfare because it leads to less money to take from the coffers.

it's funny how Mormons publicly say they are against the FLDS, but then look the other way any time the FLDS is around.


Once again Arizona lawmakers make the wrong decisions, perhaps all legislators should be required to read the Constitution, take a course on the Constitution, and a course on ethics before being allowed to take the oath of office and sitting to represent the people of Arizona. A strong dose of common sense would not hurt either


That is what lawmakers do best is it not? lol.



@yellow11 Having a population that is continually stupid enough to vote for them  makes the likelihood of anything changing remote

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