Cardinals Get Carson Palmer From the Oakland Raiders

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Carson Palmer of the Oakland Raiders is on his way to the desert. 

The Associated Press reports that the deal includes a swap for this year's sixth-round pick for Oakland's seventh-round pick, and a conditional clause that could trade Arizona's seventh-round 2014 draft choice as well.

Palmer apparently signed a two-year contract worth up to $16 million, with a $10 million guarantee. The agreement also included a condition that if Palmer starts at least 13 games this upcoming season, Oakland will receive the Cardinal's seventh-round pick in the 2014 draft as well.

The Cardinals have struggled to fill the shoes of Kurt Warner, and this deal is seen as a good fit because Cardinal's coach Bruce Arians favors a big arm in the pocket. 

Palmer is slated to start, and Drew Stanton would fill the backup role. 

Palmer, 33, and 6-foot-5, threw for more than 4,000 yards last season, and had 22 touchdown passes. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals previously, but left midway through the 2011 season for Oakland.

Palmer recently turned down a $3 million pay cut offer by the Raiders, which was seen as a clear sign he'd lost faith in Oakland and just wanted out. 

This comes on the heels of Arizona letting John Skelton go, which was seen Monday as an indication Palmer would be heading to the desert.

Arizona has cycled through four quarterbacks in the last year, and along with Skelton, they have also recently let Kevin Kolb go as well.

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WhoKnows topcommenter

All I've heard about this guy is that his "use by" date is quite close.

It's time to change OWNERS and let a QB learn the team. (FOUR different starters last season??)  The consistent problem since the Cards came to AZ, has been the Bidwills.



The Bidwells are as likely to let go of their golden goose as Joe Arpaio announcing that he's gay and moving back to Massachusetts to marry Paul Babeu.

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