Burglar Eats Concrete While Stealing Golf Clubs, but Still Gets Away (Video)

Today in Brief Acts of Criminal Stupidity, a burglary got a face full of concrete as he tripped over himself while stealing golf clubs from a Phoenix home.

The only thing that could've made this video better is if it would've ended in an arrest, thus associating a name and mugshot with this act of criminal stupidity.

But, for now, he just looks like an ass, and the cops don't know who he is.

If you know the guy in the video below, or the driver of the orange Challenger, Phoenix PD asks that you call Silent Witness.

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Shouldn't be too many Toxic Orange, the real color, Challengers in the valley.

As punishment both the driver and the thief should be staked down at the 150yd mark at a valley driving range for a couple of weeks.  

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