Border Patrol Agent Who Said He Was "F***ed" After Being Caught Smuggling Weed Was Right, Will Go to Prison

Aaron Anaya
Border Patrol Agent Aaron Anaya, who said he was "fucked" after getting caught smuggling about 147 pounds of marijuana into the United States while on the job, was more or less correct in his assessment.

Anaya signed a plea agreement today that will send him to prison for five years.

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The FBI's "Southwest Border Corruption Task Force" was patrolling the border between the cities of Yuma and Wellton around 7:30 p.m. on December 2 when agents saw three people on the Mexico side of the border climb the fence, and passed "large bales" over the fence, onto the U.S. side, according to federal court filings.

According to court paperwork, the recipient of those bales was someone driving a United States Border Patrol vehicle, who placed the packages in the back of that vehicle.

The complaint notes that none of the three people handing off the weed from the Mexico side ever stepped onto U.S. soil.

The agents kept an eye on the Border Patrol vehicle for a few hours, and also monitored the Border Patrol's radio frequency -- in which there was no mention of any large bales being picked up.

Just shy of 11 p.m., the agents detained the driver of that Border Patrol vehicle -- Agent Anaya -- and searched through his vehicle. Sure enough, the complaint says this says there were six cellophane-wrapped bales full of a "green leafy substance" that, believe it or not, turned out to be marijuana.

The total haul was 146.9 pounds, according to the federal complaint against Anaya.

Agents asked Anaya if he would be willing to speak to them without an attorney present, and Anaya's only comment was, "I'm fucked, you guys got me on video."

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Very high risk proposition for him at the border given the intensified scrutiny. Hard to believe he was so brazen. I wonder how many other times he and others got away with it.


What an idiot - not giving him any credit for being dumb and thinking he could get away with this -


Even though it's easily circumnavigated with catapults, tunnels, drones, ramps, fat bribes and threats, border security has become a booming sector for the prohibition industrial complex. In 2012 alone, the U.S. government spent $18 billion on border and immigration enforcement agencies, more than on all other federal law enforcement agencies—including the FBI, DEA, etc—combined.

The only people who believe prohibition is working are those making a living by enforcing laws in it's name and those amassing huge fortunes on the black market profits. This situation is wholly unsustainable and as history has shown us, conditions will continue to deteriorate until we finally, just like our forefathers, see sense and revert back to tried and tested methods of regulation. None of these substances, legal or illegal, are ever going to go away but we CAN decide to implement policies that do far more good than harm.

Prohibition causes massive crime and suffering, causes government/police corruption, causes America to have the highest prison population of any country in the history of the planet, causes Americans to lose all their rights and all their true core-values, causes the waste of trillions in taxpayer dollars, causes wars, violence and death,  perpetuates racism, and funds both criminals and terrorists.

Prohibition is a dangerous "free-for-all" where much of the profits go to the most dangerous elements in society —politicians and terrorists.


We all know where the Federal Reserve, the CIA, the too big to jail banksters are on this.  So this guy was in the service of the Federal Reserve, the CIA and the international banksters but he goes to jail?  They should call him a patriot to their cause!

WHAT OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING FOR IN AFGHANISTANThe Taliban had all but eradicated the opium growers before the US invasion. So why is cheap Afghani heroin flooding into the United States?


In Afghan fields the poppies grow. 
Between the crosses. 
Row on row.

from Mike Rivero


@toersbijnsc The ONLY people of my generation that I see have "made it" did so through minority specific incentives - give-aways, or through illegal activities.  I cannot think of one single person that I personally "know" that "made it" the old fashioned legal hard work way.  NOT A ONE!   So heap all the scorn you want.  There's plenty more that never got caught.


@sarum @toersbijnsc  true - there are many more that didn't get caught as you put it - hence my sarcasm and distrust in law enforcement but you can't fix stupid and this was just plain stupid.

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