ASU Student, 19, Killed by Boyfriend Luis Soltero in Tempe, Police Say

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Tempe PD
Luis Soltero
A 19-year-old Arizona State University sophomore was found dead in her Tempe apartment yesterday, according to police.

The student's name hasn't been released at this point, but police believe 22-year-old Luis Soltero, the woman's boyfriend, murdered her.

According to Tempe PD, Soltero -- who does not appear to be an ASU student -- walked into a police substation on Apache Boulevard, and said he wanted to report the death of his girlfriend at 919 East Lemon Street, an apartment complex a little more than a mile away.

Google Maps
Point "A" is the apartment complex, and point "B" is the police station.

He told police that he had carbon monoxide poisoning, so he was hospitalized, as the fire department went to the apartment first to deal with a potential carbon monoxide issue.

Inside the apartment, the 19-year-old woman's body was found.

At this point, police apparently believe Soltero is responsible for the woman's death, as he was booked into jail on a murder charge, but Tempe police Sergeant Michael Pooley says in an e-mail that police aren't releasing any additional info at this point.

Stay tuned for updates.

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@JoeArpaioFan, really? a girl (who i knew) has lost her life in a terrible way. a family has lost a daughter. someone has lost a best friend. i don't think this is the time or place to be discussing your own political views. seriously, have a little respect.


He looks like he could be a product of Obama's amnesty.

BG Harvey
BG Harvey

I worked with this guy about two months ago FOR REALS, I would have not thought for one minute even a second of him being that kinda of guy, the kinda person to just hurt someone, especially his girlfriend who he showed a lot of affection towards her when they were together. Crazy Ass Shit!

Jose Vásquez
Jose Vásquez

~ the guy beat her w/ a dumbbell ' I cannot understand why people choose to go back to abusive people

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