Arizona Ranked Second-to-Last in the Nation in "Bachelor Party Freedom"

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Arizonans have less freedom to engage in activities that may be related to bachelor parties than the residents of 48 other states.

According to a study from George Washington University, Arizona gets its poor ranking from laws on gambling, victimless crime, tobacco, beer, kegs, fireworks, prostitution, tobacco, and open containers, as well as taxes on wine, spirits, and beer.

In other words, adult fun is more illegal and expensive in Arizona than almost every other state.

Arizona also scored 49th in the nation in 2009, and its ranking this year beats only South Dakota -- not exactly an internationally recognized location of fun. Massachusetts was ranked numero uno for bachelor party freedom.

Arizona's laws aren't that bad when you take into account this report's score for overall freedom, which puts Arizona 11th. That measure includes many more factors, like freedom from gun control -- in which the state ranks first -- to stuff like having bicycle-helmet laws, tax laws, and incarceration rates.

High cigarette taxes, "extremely strict" smoking bans, and high incarceration rates were specifically cited as the negatives on Arizona's freedom score.

All the information on this report from George Washington University can be found here, including the Arizona-specific stuff.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Aren't smoking restrictions and tobacco taxes good? But I agree with the freedom not to wear motorcycle helmets. I just wish that you didn't have to wear seat belts. And what's with parking facing the wrong direction? That has got to be unique to AZ.


Someone should compare that ranking to a ranking of states by divorce rate to see if there is any correlation.


@eric.nelson745 Makes it more difficult for police computer to scan your plates?  IOW they have to be obvious about it?

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