Arizona Lands on the Daily Show Yet Again, This Time for "Protecting Guns From People"

John Oliver explores the "real" victims of gun violence: guns.
Yet again, the state of Arizona is the subject of one of Comedy Central's "news" programs, this time thanks to Tucson gun advocates who are "standing up for guns."

This time, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart profiled the gun worshipers who are protesting the gun-buyback programs in Tucson, as well as Republican-turned-Democrat Tucson councilman and "gun Hitler" Steve Kozachik.

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John Oliver shows gun-nut Charles Heller photographs of guns being destroyed. It reminds Heller of "the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943," because what rational person wouldn't equate a picture of burning guns with an event in which thousands of Jews were murdered in cold blood, as part of a holocaust in which millions more were murdered? (Answer: Every rational person.)

Oliver also sums up the outisder's persepctive of Arizona pretty well: "Arizona is such a great place to be a gun, just a [censored] place to be a person."

Check out the clip below:

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Sheriff Joe is a Legend in his Time, a Pioneer in Law Enforcement. Elected 6 terms by greater than 50% majorities: a Record unsurpassed. The Motley Crew who oppose him enlist out-of-State low life & Criminals to collect signatures, as "Ghost" Petitioners, who then have Registered Petitioners sign their lists (ILLEGALLY). Ghost Petitioners get PAID (also ILLEGALLY). Smells like ACCORN-type Mal Practice and undermines the Will of the Voters. Recalls are only LEGAL if the Office Holder commits a Crime. Sheriff Joe Arpio UPHOLDS THE LAWS, and the Constitutions of Arizona & USA. New Times SHOULD INVESTIGATE the Criminal Records of Randy Perez & his wife, who are running the Recall-it's a can of worms. Mary Rose Wilcox has an ax to grind, and a bath to take; her record stinks.


Sheriff Joe Arpio is a True PUBLIC SERVANT. His detractors are not worth mentioning.

valleynative topcommenter

Remember how Bush manipulated popular opinion about Saddam by associating him with the 9/11 attack, but without ever really saying that he was involved in any way?  All he had to do was talk about the two in the same speech using many of the same words.

That's the same sort of manipulation and half-truth being used here.  Heller said that the image reminds him of the events in Warsaw that"helped lead up to" the holocaust, and the comedian interviewing him took advantage of the fact that few people know about Warsaw and twisted his words into the suggestion that he believes that destroying guns is comparable to killing people.

Watch the video again and pay attention to what each person actually says, and keep in mind that any additional explanation that would have made Heller's meaning more clear would have been edited out, such as any description of the Nazi's collecting and destroying weapons. 

Notice that the video starts out by implying that Heller believes that guns are "the real victim", but he never actually says that.  They just edited in him saying the word "guns".

Also, some of you should try to get your minds around the idea that gun manufacturers actually love it when the police destroy guns, because it means fewer used guns to compete with new sales.

Having an open mind really doesn't hurt.


I believe the reference to Warsaw in 1943 was to the confiscation and destruction of weapons owned by the Jews prior to loading them to take off to camps, not to the murder of the Jews.

But, if your goal is to paint gun owners as lunatics, I can see where you might want to fudge that a little.

dennis20 topcommenter

@valleynative  You have to register a boat but the sacred gun must be free?   Gun nuts  are lunatics.  They do, say and believe whatever the gun profit industry tells them.  No one needs to "paint" them as lunatics. They do it themselves with every protest, rally and talking head they can find.   What they have shown all of America is that even when the vast majority of people oppose them, they get their way.  What they have shown us is how easy it is to buy politicians.   

david_saint01 topcommenter

@valleynative lol gee, where would they get that idea from...could it be because it seems they want more rights for guns than for people? Also, ask any Holocaust survivor, and i bet they are none too thrilled with that reference. lol and it sure as shit didnt seem like thats what he was talking about..he was looking at guns burning, and made a reference to the Holocaust..gee, where would anyone get the idea he was trying to make the comparison to the victims


@alehound your mom and the NBA All Star team, special vaseline edition. You own the dvd, pervert.


@dennis20 I don't listen to the industry.  I know my rights.  There is no Constitutional Amendment that guarantees freedom to keep and bear boats.

 The vast majority of people do NOT oppose the 2nd Amendment, or it would have been changed by now.  You're being manipulated by the liberal media.


@david_saint01 "it sure as shit didn't seem like thats what he was talking about"

Can't you tell when you're being manipulated by the media?  They did a LOT of editing, but they still left in him saying that it reminded him of events LEADING UP TO the holocaust.

The Jews in Warsaw were armed, and were fighting back.  During 1943, the Nazis managed to disarm them, so they could be shipped off to camps.


@dennis20 I can't imagine what study you think the NRA undertook or what data they falsified, but you only have to look at the FBI's own gun crime statistics and/or the report commission by the Justice Department to see that the "assault weapons" ban will not, and statistically cannot, have any impact on crime statistics.  Too few crimes are committed involving the sorts of weapons the liberals want to ban.   It's not at all about preventing deaths, it's about consolidating more power at the federal level.

And for the record, I don't listen to anything the NRA says.  They're pumping out propaganda and misleading statements as fast as the Democratic politicians.  Owning a gun doesn't mean I'm unable to think critically.

If you think that gun owners are cowardly and unAmerican, then you've been manipulated pretty completely.  You should really try to think for yourself.


@dennis20 What kind of tool makes the ridiculous assumption that I believe that I have the unregulated right to no laws concerning the type and restrictions of fire arms?

A tool who is too intellectually lazy to think for himself or listen to people who disagree.

Good luck with that.

dennis20 topcommenter

@valleynative @dennis20  Pretending the 2nd amendment gives you the unregulated right to no laws concerning the type and restrictions of fire arms is an argument only a total tool of the NRA would even try making.  It also shows a lack of respect for the 2nd Amendment as well as the rest of them.  The NRA clearly lobbies for profit for the corporate interests of the gun manufacturing industry.  They have  created and pushed laws that have been making it easier for criminals to get guns for years.  The reason is simple: sell more guns and make more money off the blood and terror.  

And don't even play the "liberal Media" card with me.  The NRA can't even do a simple study without falsifying info.  

Every day, less people are buying this bullshit.  The whole bunch of you are either dumb asses or borderline terrorists. You should listen to yourselfs. It's becoming very concerning for the vast majority of actual people in this country when a handfuls of armed wackos wholeheartedly, and without any critical thought, support an industry that profits from the death of children. 

All of you cowardly, immature, selfish and anti American gun nuts can fuck off.  You are all cowards and its time people stand up to your bullshit.  

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