Ame Deal Murder: Charges Dropped Against One of Six Family Members

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Ammandea Stoltzmann
Charges have been dropped against ​Ammandea Stoltzmann, one of six family members accused of harming 10-year-old Ame Deal, who was murdered in Phoenix almost two years ago in one of the most horrific child-abuse cases in the Valley in recent history.

Ame was killed in July 2011 after, police say, she was locked in a small footlocker by family members as punishment for taking a popsicle without asking, and over the next year, police arrested six family members who police say were responsible for the girl's death or horrific abuses of Ame in the time before her death.

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However, in the first significant action in the courts, child-abuse charges against Stoltzmann, 25, were dismissed, at the prosecutors' request.

Maricopa County Attorney's Office spokesman Jerry Cobb wouldn't elaborate, instead repeatedly referring New Times to the motion to dismiss, which says nothing other than there wasn't enough evidence to go forward.

According to a court document submitted by police in February 2012, Stoltzmann admitted to repeatedly abusing Ame before her death.

She told police she started keeping Ame in a dog crate in 2005. She also made Ame crush aluminum cans while barefoot, and forced the girl to sleep in a pan meant for a shower floor.

Stoltzmann said she'd ruin Ame's meals by dousing it with hot sauce "so strong you couldn't bear to be close by or your eyes would burn and water."

Police said Stoltzmann admitted to watching another relative lock Ame in a footlocker twice -- the same footlocker Ame eventually died in.

Witnesses, who weren't identified in the court document, were the ones who brought these things to the cops' attention, and they claimed Stoltzmann did more than she admitted to, including keeping Ame outside at night with a dog collar and chain, and scrubbing her face with a wire brush for lying.

Police said Stoltzmann initially denied hurting Ame, before conceding that some of the allegations were true.

Stoltzmann was the fifth person arrested in the case, as her arrest took place months after the initial arrests of John and Samantha Allen -- Ame's cousins, who were arrested on murder charges -- as well as Judith Deal and Cynthia Stolzmann, Ame's grandmother and aunt.

David Deal, Ame's father, was arrested in July 2012 on child-abuse and kidnapping charges.

Since we don't know why Stoltzmann's off the hook, we'll have to wait and see how the charges against the other family members work out.

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shes testifying against the others , do u really think she ll be a post child here in phoenix now that youve put her picture out with a name to it

Rob Fosnot
Rob Fosnot

wow.....these monsters need to be executed immediately.

James Boyle
James Boyle

street justice. ammandea's going to get hers.


Huh?  She confessed and there's eyewitness testimony.  And there's not enough evidence?  Yet, we'll go on with the Arias freak show. With no eyewitnesses.

Is the plan to let her go, start raising her own and see how it shakes out?

All of these 'people' should be put in small box together then left out in the desert in the middle of July.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@RobAZ She must have turned state's evidence. She'll be the key to prosecuting the others. Makes sense, no?


@eric.nelson745  Certainly a possibility, Eric.  Though not a big fan of cutting a deal for those as depraved as she.

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