After Samkeita Jurden and His Dog Both Bit Cops Inside Target Store, He Sues Target

Samkeita Jurden
A man who was arrested in September after he and his dog both allegedly bit Mesa police officers inside a Target store has filed a federal lawsuit against that Target store.

In the lawsuit, Samkeita Jurden (whose first name was misspelled "Samkeith" in county court filings) pretty much admits to all of the strange things police said went down in that Target store, but claims he was beat up by a Target store security guard.

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According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, Jurden was wearing nothing but a swimsuit and black socks while he sat in the middle of an aisle in the store with his dog (a pit bull), which wasn't on a leash.

When Target management tried to get him to leave, Jurden was busy on his cellphone, attempting to get his grandmother to pray with him. Jurden's lawsuit says this is all true.

Jurden said when police arrived, he told them he thought someone was trying to harm him.

"The peace officers replied and asks have I been smoking spice," Jurden writes in his lawsuit. "I reply, with the God honest true and answer, spice, weed, and meth all day."

Jurden says his dog was just trying to protect him when it bit a police officer.

The dog was shot inside the store and later died, and Jurden got a few rounds of Taser blasts before being arrested -- but not before he allegedly bit a cop.

Jurden claims he didn't bite a cop, but bit a Target security guard by the name of Ron Wardle.

"So I use my teeth to bite down on his arm, and he finally let me go, but I guess he got mad at [me] then he started throwing heavy fists blows (sic) in the back of my head and face."

Jurden's suing for $3 million -- "maybe more" -- for the injuries he claims he sustained from a security guard . . . who he claims he bit . . .

Jurgen's still in jail on charges related to the Target incident.

The lawsuit can be found below:

Samkeita Jurden lawsuit.

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Another frivolous lawsuit. How dare the cockroach sue! He will get nothing.


Please note that the incident occurred in a Target Store.  These folk know better than to try it in a Wal Mart. Target has a history of paying green mail.  Wal Mart does not.

Hope the judge kicks it out of court.


What should society do with mentally unbalanced drug addled losers?  A free vasectomy should be the first step so he doesn't breed.


@marcy There you go advocating eugenics again.  Others might just suggest serious addicition and mental health treatment, but you continue to advocate for sterilization, which was a cornerstone of pre-Holocaust Nazi policy (but also public policy in 30 U.S. states until the mid-50's).  Way to stick to your guns on the issue, marcy, even though eugenics has been thoroughly discredited as a violation of universal human rights.



Arpaio doesn't shop, he'd get lost in the aisles.  He just stays at home mumbling about his days with Elvis and how unicorns are invading our country.

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