Victoria Soliz Says Jesus Told Her to Drown Her 3-Year-Old Son in a Puddle

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Victoria Soliz
A Mesa woman who was spotted holding her 3-year-old son facedown in puddles on Friday claimed that Jesus told her to drown the boy, according to authorities.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the woman, 30-year-old Victoria Soliz, eventually would tell a doctor that she uses crystal meth as medication, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was called shortly after noon on Friday, as a Mesa resident told dispatchers what he saw after hearing a child scream.

The man said he saw a woman on her knees in his front yard "pushing a toddler's face into a puddle as if trying to drown him," court documents state.

The man said he tried to tell the woman to stop, but she moved to a larger puddle, and pushed down the boy's face again.

Soliz gave her son "what appeared to be" CPR before deputies showed up and arrested her, according to the documents.

The reporting deputy notes that on Friday, "Heavy rain, hail, and wind ravaged the area."

The boy was hospitalized, as was Soliz, who mentioned to doctors that she uses meth to "self-medicate" for schizophrenia and added that "Jesus" was the one who told her to drown her son.

Soliz then said that she didn't know how she ended up in the man's yard, but her son "became stuck to the ground" and then was subject to "some kind of electrical shock."

Soliz admitted to placing her son's face underwater, but the reporting deputy described her statement as "strange and incomprehensible."

Soliz faces a felony child-abuse charge, and the boy didn't sustain any injuries, according to the documents.

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CPS is a colossal joke. It employees the laziest, most ignorant and lying groups of individuals. Trust me I know. I cringe every time I read or watch programs that mentions the involvement of CPS. I feel so bad for that child. First having a crazy mother, then most likely being exposed to idiotic CPS workers.


I've no tolerance left for child abuse by their Parents, our Society etc.."Reunification" is the key word for CPS - that is BS - to put a child back into the hands of an abuser.  Enough - if people cannot qualify to be Parents, financially or mentally then the right to have a child needs to be taken away.  Have we as a Society had enough of this sickness?  I have.


What a sad situation - mom with schizophrenia trying to "self-medicate" with meth.  What are the chances that this child turns out reasonably well adjusted regardless of what CPS does?  As a society we are judged by those who are least able to take care of themselves (Gandhi) - and both the mom and child fall into that category.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

CPS: This is a no-brainer. The child should not be returned to Ms. Soliz until she is cured of any mental defect. That will probably never happen.


@JohnQ.Public Mom has Schizophrenia symptoms from meth use, its called toxic psychosis. 

Flyer9753 topcommenter


You are right.

also per Gandhi, as a society we are judged by how we treat and care for those unable to treat and care for themselves

Unfortunately in this state (and country), as Danzig points out below, she will be able to get her gun rights back and her child back before she gets actual help for her mental issues and drug abuse

Says a lot about our society....

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@eric.nelson745  but with Jan Brewer legislation........she can get her gun rights restored quicker than her parental rights


@Potato I will take you word on that likely diagnosis because its not my expertise.  Either way, its sad for the child who has a significantly diminished likelihood of success in life because of his mothers issues.  My point was less about the medical condition and more about how we as a society look for and look after those least able to take care of themselves like this kid.

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