Should Joe Arpaio Apologize for Larry Klayman's Homophobic Idiocy?

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Due to the fact that "birther" attorney Larry Klayman isn't the best at using electronic mail, and asked if the chairman of the organization trying to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a "homo" who "want[s] my nuts."

See, Klayman wanted to forward an e-mail from Respect Arizona chairman William James Fisher, which contained an innocuous use of the word "nuts."

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Klayman thought he'd "cc" a buddy on there, but also hit "reply" to Fisher.

"WHAT KINDA NUTS IS TALKING ABOUT," Klayman said, failing to make a coherent sentence. "DOES THIS HOMO WANT MY NUTS! HA. LETS GO TO WAR. BEST, L."

Klayman, who's trying to fight the recall effort against Arpaio, has also teamed up with the "leaders" from the Surprise Tea Party who joined with Arpaio to start the bogus "investigation" into President Obama's investigation.

Klayman, who happens to be friendly with the conspiracy theorists at World Net Daily, and introduced a "birther" affidavit from Arpaio as evidence in an actual courtroom.

So, with Klayman fighting the Arpaio recall, should Arpaio have to apologize for Klayman's homophobic jackassery?

Cast your vote below:

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I don't think he should apologize for what some other idiot says (not that any apology from Arpaio is worth the breath it takes to speak it), but he really ought to reconsider how it looks to keep the connection with this guy.


"Apology" and the MCSO shurf are mutually exclusive terms. He doesn't apologize for his own actions, much less those of someone working for him. 

Does, "If there were any victims", strike a bell? 

Yep, the MCSO shurf. Showing his limit on compassion.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

He should apologize for wasting our air.

Tommy Amparano
Tommy Amparano

You should apologize for using "plethora" when "many" will work just fine.


His Neanderthal base think the same way as his homophobic lawyer.  I expect Joe to double down on the insults to every group that isn't straight, white, right-wingers.

Lyman Smith
Lyman Smith

He should apologize for a plethora of things.


No.  This is far, far down the list of things that Arpaio should apologize to this community for.  Once he apologizes for failing to protect children, for violating civil rights, for harassing entire communities, for the deaths in his jail, etc. then we can worry about whether he apologizes for this stupid comment by one of his surogates.


"Jackassery" is one of Arpaio's greatest Qualities.

Arpaio is no better than the Child Molesters that he ignored after being reported to his M.C.S.O. Office, and Arpaio allowed to continue Molesting, and Raping Children in Maricopa County.

Arpaio, and Klayman seem to be "Birds of a Feather."

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

I cant stand Arpaio, but I cant believe he and his publicity department arent trying to get get rid of Klayman. With his comments like that and his inappropriate touching habit that he has, he is a big PR trainwreck. He is hurting Arpaio's image more than when "JoeArpaioFan" when ever he opens his mouth to spout "HIS" version of the truth. Although it is helping to prove he is a scumbag......I just cant believe he would allow Klayman to represent him


@danzigsdaddy Why do you suppose the shurf has been so quiet? I have to wonder if the broken shoulder is only the 'tip of the iceberg'. It may be that he fainted from a very serious ailment and the shoulder is only the result of the fall from loss of consciousness.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@Tommy_Collins @danzigsdaddy Has he been on camera since the fall?  I don't think so, unless you count Lisa Allen filming him.  That is VERY strange indeed.

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